Yet another new month, but is that not great for those of us waiting for that incredible new start, we really now have to stop thinking about this and do something about it, sitting on the fence, is not going to work anymore, when we know we want something new and exciting in our life, what is our problem, why do we shy away from it as if it was the plague, there are so many things we would like to do in this life time, and as i have said many times, we really do not know what time we have to do it in, so wasting great precious time really is not an option…. and many of us have already done that, maybe not even realising or we have been busy doing other things that were of importance to us………………….However there is always something that is left to do and we now need to give that our full intention !

So how have we looked at life, until now ? or maybe how have we looked at ourselves until now ? which one fits you best, maybe both for entirely different reasons, life maybe because we dedicate it to others and not ourselves for a great part, this can be partners, family etc., but there comes a point in all our lives, if it is due to a change in our circumstances or an empty nest situation that we get out time back and we can fit it more around ourselves, now this maybe just wanting more time for you, to do hobbies and things of interest with friends or alone, or you may have a burning passion to hit the gym or learn a language, because you never had the time to do it, or you could be thinking of a career, now this could be picking up where you left of, or learning something totally new, which ever the choice, you will need to go through the learning curve again, as the working world changes by the day, so its decision time, the beauty of things today, is many of the things you may wish to do career wise can be done from your own home, you can be your own boss choose your own hours and work in any country in the world from your lounge and internet connection………………….so what is stopping you, don’t let fear get in the way or your age, both are of no importance, if you can bring up a family you can do anything !!! It is not an easy job, and anyone who thinks it is , obviously has never done it, it is very enjoyable, there are some wonderful moments and great job satisfaction but it can be hard and very up hill…….at times………… is life, so what can you possible be afraid of ? Everyone has to learn at some point irrespective of their age or gender, so please don’t let that worry you………………

Deep down you will know what is on your active list, so now is the time, and what better moment than the beginning of a new month, spring time when everything comes into bloom, including ourselves, start requesting information, start asking those questions and get yourself into something you would like, be where you would like to be, doing something you would enjoy, why not, nobody says that you can’t , only you, so get out of your own way, make way for that great person who is inside of you, roaring to get out into the world to start following those dreams. Do not procrastinate……….that is the worst choice you could make, and there is no excuse big enough that will allow you to do that, for once and for all give yourself permission to live…………it is your right.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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