To manifest is and will probably always be the one thing most people have problems with,and many of you know why, but still find it difficult to achieve what you desire, so let’s try and break it down, yet again, it does not matter how many times we go through this, we always learn something each time we do, if we are having difficulty with manifesting our desires. magic word alignment seems to confuse many of us, well try to look at it a different way that is not so confusing, everyday things that we do, one of the best examples I have heard is that of a combination lock, it usually has four numbers which rotate to lock and if we choose to unlock we need to line all the numbers up correctly, they must be perfectly aligned and the case opens,…… we are the same, our beliefs, thoughts,feelings and actions need to be aligned , it is the first one that causes more problems, we have been programmed as children to think wild things, believe me………………..people with money are bad !! NOT TRUE, money does not grow on trees (another one) we seem to adopt a bad relationship with money from a very young age, this does not mean that we should have no respect for money, not at all, we simple should see it for what it is, and it does not make us a bad person if we have it or want it.

It may not be money that you wish more of, it may be your dream home, a wonderful soul mate and fabulous holiday, whatever is your desire, it is possible and to be honest the bigger the better, this is your right, you were not born to struggle, you have everything you need, to have the life you wish, you just have to use it, without fear and believe in yourself, when you believe these facts in life, you can move onto your number 2 thoughts, the thoughts you have is what appears in your reality, let things go, let the past be just that, the past, no matter what it is or how horrible, if you have got this far, you have overcome a great deal, so keep going, your past will not define your future if you do not allow it, give yourself permission to be happy, to be wealthy to be fit to be, what ever you desire, who says that you cannot, the only true important opinion is yours, more than anything, you can respect the opinion of others,but deep down you know what is the right believe for you, people can advise us with all the good will in the world, but they be outdated, they have been educated with the old methods and beliefs surrounding money and meeting Prince/cess Charming …………………..anything is possible and this is not only in fairy stories……………when you focus on something that you wish for, you can bring into your reality, magic can happen.

There will always be truly negative people in this world and these types you should try to stay well away, they will fill you with negative sayings and opinions, don’t take them on board, negative thoughts bring negative events in your life, just the same as positive………it is also good for you to realise that the universe, is probably the best friend you will ever have, even if you feel it only gives you baddish things, the universe gives you, what you think and feel, so take at look at yourself, if you feel this way it is what is going to show up in your life, step up, think well, have good thoughts, the universe is always there for you, it will never let you down, your wish is there desire, just like the genie and the lamp !! when you feel good, your emotions change and your vibration also steps up and the universe senses this loud and clear, you are telling the universe that you are ready, you have to be open, wide open to receive your desires from the universe, the universe will work with you, you will know what to do, how to act, the universe will indicate to you which way to go or what to do…………so, don’t waste another second, believe in yourself and that everything is possible, allow your thoughts to think of these wishes, feel the sensation the emotion of having what you desire and then act as indicated by the universe, life really can be wonderful, the universe is there for you and you can create your perfect life, but if you don’t believe, think, feel and act you will never know.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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