To achieve a successful exercise session, you need to set the scene a little beforehand. You need a nice quiet room, where you can sit on a chair, or cross legged on the floor if you are comfortable in this position, close your eyes, breathe out deeply with a large sigh, just let all your cares drift away, when you are ready, take your time, allow yourself to visualise …..

images cloudy sky

  1. A pen slowly writing your name on paper

  2. A beautiful sky with billowy clouds floating by…………..

  3. Various coloured shapes; a red triangle, a yellow circle, a blue square, a green five-pointed star.

Now focus on the sensation of touch

Stroke a cat or a dog, feel the texture of its coat and warm body

Put your hand in a bubbling fountain and experience the sensation of cool water dancing on your skin

Pick up a pine cone and feel its…

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