Have you realised that doubt and disappointment can and do stop you from reaching success, they simply cannot be given the same space, they block everything in its path,just like a head full of fear has no room for dreams.

When you have doubt about what you are doing whether it be in your work or your personal life, it could very well lead you to disappointment ……… you should be confident regardless as to what is going on we all slip or fall occasionally, the secret is to you getting up quickly, brush yourself down and carry on or do you lay there in total defeat.

You have to regain your power, and the quicker you can learn to do that the better, you see when you can start to switch from a negative thought or mindset into a learning mindset, disappointment goes away really quickly, your embarrassment levels start to fade away and you finally and most importantly start to value yourself for what you are worth, you actually give yourself credit for the good job you are doing, regardless of the field it may be in, you are now coming to terms with who you are and what you are capable of.

Instead of blaming someone else, which is the usual route we would take, we start to look for what exact expectations did we have that caused the original disappointment we felt. Can you pinpoint it in your old behaviour. It is normal to have highs and lows in life, anyone you tells you they have or not had any problems in their life are not telling you the truth, no one has that pleasure, that we can create a simpler less troubled life, by all means, is possible and the more honest we are with ourselves and get to know who we are and what we expect from ourselves the more content we will be.

You will all be probably aware of the Iceberg …………..just look where Mr Disappointment is, right down there at the bottom, exactly where it should be, we need to act to put him in his place, however we can fail again and not feel that disappointment, the fact that we are continuing our journey and never give up, gives us back our control, we are dedicated to get where we wish to go……….and this will led us to our success, a mistake is an opportunity to learn it is not a disappointment in life, and don’t let anyone tell you that.

When doubt and disappointment get right into your soul, or you let insults in that hurt your heart, don’t cry about it in fact don’t even think about it again, thinking about it over and over only helps to let it happen again, it brings it back to you, let it go……use your time to support and help others and you will find that you are to busy that you forget about the situations and you just find that you have healed yourself.

No matter what life has installed for you, never give up, we are never sent more than we can handle !! and you never know when that light bulb moment is going to appear for you.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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