When we state that we are under pressure or have continual stress in our life, who do you think we blame, the circumstances, our job, a certain other person, or maybe even the weather, what we don’t tend to do is blame ourselves! And believe me this is really where it all starts and can stop, you see we tend to become under stress and pressure, when we are trying to keep in the flow of others time line, you are doing that, it is not the other imposing their time on you, we all know that we are all different, so of course in our work life we are the same, yes there are people out there, who would just love you to be a carbon copy of them, but you also have that wish why? you are unique, you have all your talented gifts and abilities to offer, so why copy or try to be some one you are not, do you see the tremendous amount of pressure and stress you place yourself under,maybe by just being yourself you would accomplish everything that you wish and do an exceptional job in the process, don’t under estimate yourself.

Use your own time line and release the pressure and stress,take control and enjoy what you are doing, it is similar when you decide to follow your purpose or passion, you seem to fill yourself with this wonderful idea, which it truly is, but nobody is timing you, it is unimportant how old you are when you do it, the important fact is that you do it, you accomplish your passion or purpose in life,nothing is written that you have to do it in your twenties !! When we start to seek our life purpose and passion, this is a process that can take time,and later it is to be enjoyed, which also takes time, when things are rushed and particularly life, life without memories………..how sad would that be, we miss most of it and the pleasure is taken away, but again it is us that puts the foot on the gas…………………..enjoy it, no matter what it is, everything we do, as we go through life, it is done at different intervals and age, so it should be enjoyed, this is how we make memories ,can you imagine a life without memories, ask yourself that question……….are not most of your memories from a time when time was maybe not the question.

As we go through our life placing ourselves time and time again under pressure and stress we need to start to think of life as a planting ground for seeds, our seeds of thankfulness and goals we wish to achieve, by planting the seeds and taking our time to enjoy and being thankful we are avoiding many of the weeds that can shoot up and surprise us, when we rush at times we don’t see everything and obstacles come in our way and we fall and sometimes fail, take time to de-stress and release pressure, try to fit this into your mornings and late evenings, maybe before you get out of bed in the morning and just before you sleep, run through your day, see how it is going to go, or has gone, at your pace!! remember this is important, give thanks for what you can and feel you wish to , don’t compare and don’t compete, competition is not being healthy if you are under pressure and suffer from stress, don’t place yourself in that position, a little adrenalin and healthy competition is very different.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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