Oh yes you can, you really can do want ever you wish and achieve your goals, you can be successful and reach everything you wish in life, and you know you live the life you want, if that is the decision you make, is this your choice….don’t leave this in the hands of others, you may think it impossible, but if you are determined and know what you want, there is a way to obtain it, where there is a will there is always a way, maybe you need a little guidance to find it or see the right path to take or the right opportunity to take part in. Tell yourself daily tell yourself out loud ! Shout it from the highest point you wish, let the whole world know if it makes you feel happier,just keep saying it over and over again. when you believe this you will achieve what you desire, you will succeed.

You need to adopt the can do attitude, this way you always obtain what you wish, your attitude is highly important, make the changes necessary and reach those goals, your goals and dreams of your great future life.

When you sit wondering about your goals and how you are going to obtain that magic piece to improve how you live today, do you think you can or you can’t , or do you convince yourself that you can’t do it or don’t know how? The most important part, step number 1 is to tell yourself that you can , make the changes you need to and totally believe that you can. You have to be able to hear your own voice telling you time and time again yes you can, yes I can reach my goal.

Just take your time, it is your moment to realise, who and where you are going and tell yourself yes I can, you know you can, so what’s stopping you “YOU”Think about what you wish to achieve, see it right in front of you, imagine how you would feel and how you would go about it, you will start to feel a positive flow of energy around and within you, keep saying yes I can, over and over, the more you say it the better, after a time you will truly believe that you can…………………..and you do!!

This is when you step it up a notch and tell yourself yes you can and add a dream on to it, now it’s truly real, forget anything that failed previously, this has no importance cast aside your doubts…….there is no reason for you not to reach your goals, you will reach them and you will succeed. But, you must be the first to believe that you can…………….it is you that drives that inner motor to your success.

It is normal for you to have your doubts and fears and remember maybe a past failure, you will have negative little thoughts that try to convince you that you can’t however, all they wish to do is to take your attention away from the success you have had………….switch it all around, take no notice just keep positive and let the negative go, really play your success up, maybe even bigger than it was, and when those creepy negative thoughts pop out, let the positive drown them instantly, just think of those great positive moments of success, and let those positive qualities flow over you. Again you will start to built up your faith in yourself and your ability to succeed, you will believe in yourself, it’s different as time goes on, because now you have your subconscious power working for you and your subconscious mind makes things happen. You are now in control and obtain exactly what you want, you control yourself and what you believe, do not allow others to dictate to you, your abilities are not to be judged by others, take charge and believe in yourself.

When you really start to believe in yourself , the magic enters into your life, you can reach your goals, you can make more money, you can fall in love(with the right person)you can improve your health, you can live the life you wish, you can have freedom and enjoy your life.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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