When will we take note of this fact, live your life and forget your age, you see once we are classified as adults, we really can do that forever and a day, until that point we are some what restricted by rules and regulations of society and are very own parents or guardians, but once we reach that magic age of adulthood, most of us can start to live our life how we choose and make are own decisions, however we do carry with us what has been dictated in us since we were old enough to understand, that we can work most of our life and then we have the prize of retirement……………………Some prize, if you think about this for a while, what it really is doing is forcing retirement from life for many of us, although things are changing over the past years and our grandparents and some of us are really enjoying retirement by taking on a lifestyle that we previously could not do. Hobbies and second career interests are very accepted now and we live forever!! Who would really want to retire from everything, I can understand anyone wishing to retire from a hard job or a job which has never given satisfaction, when we work in something or somewhere we really do not like, then it must be a great relief to reach that age and be able to legally walk away, however the circumstances you still have the right to feel good and continue to enjoy life. especially if you are in good health and really wish to do that.To be your own boss and choose your own working hours and fun and relax time when you wish. Many of us, will join people of that older group age and sit and mope really doing nothing, this is the worst thing you can do, my father use to call this situation like being in the “waiting room”waiting for your final journey, how depressing would that feeling be.

Every day we have should be lived to its fullest possibilities, none of us know the time we have in this actual destination, and as stated above it really is a privilege to be able to enjoy this time, and with the people we love and choose, this is why forgiveness and love are so important, because once that time has expired, we cannot show or tell anyone anything. There is no law that tells us that we can no longer learn and grow, whether it be on an educational or spiritual level, the more we can find for us to occupy our bodies and minds the better we will feel as we reach those wonderful higher number, because that is all they are numbers, each one to be enjoyed on different levels and different things, we really are a little like gems, a gem is not polished without rubbing,nor a person perfected without trials and situations, that is what we call life, we open and close doors all the time, but remember it is you that does that action, you decide to open and you decide to close, imagine if you stopped that action, no more new situations would appeal to you or for you to see, look and learn , can you really imagine your life without that, opening and closing. We are responsible for being active in body and mind, we do not have to be world champions, we all have our own limits, but we should always push ourselves to obtain the maximum point, we are responsible for ourselves and this does not fall on anyone else, and this applies all through our life, young and old, age and its limits do not tend to cross the mind of young people very much, but, stop and have a think because the only way you will be around for some time is by passing those numbers one by one, the experience and maturity you gain can never be given a price, there is nothing more pleasurable than meeting an older person who is positive, active and in this world, up to date with what is going on and enjoying everyday, there are many young people who do not have these qualities, so you see age is simple numbers.

This is a wonderful description of how we are,(or can be) take note, and put it into action now or later, the earlier you start to use your mind, talent and creativity the more of a natural action it will be to you, and what a beautiful person you will be.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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