Have you ever given it a thought, that we are afraid to be who we really are? This can be all the time or at certain times in our life, but when we do this we are taking so many opportunites away from ourselves, so why do we do this ? The answer to this can be hidden away in a number, a large number of reasons

Why are we afraid to give ourselves everything we want in life, why would we want to deny ourselves these things, when we are afraid to dream big or small is it because we feel we will never obtain that dream, so are we more afraid of the failure inside of that instead of the success, do we protect ourselves in some bizarre way of not allowing things to transform in our daily life, just to avoid the pain a failure can bring, which brings us to, are we afraid to feel, in all areas, do we hold back in relationships for the reason of not getting hurt, do we hold back in business so that the spot light is not on us, or our failure is not seen so much………………….but what about our success? are we afraid of recognition when it is due to us…………….to make it in life is a great feeling, it is not something we should shy away from, to ask for help is not a crime and none of these things we should fear…………your are worth all this and much more when you wish to reach for the stars, go for it never be afraid.

Another strange concept we have regarding being afraid is to lose something,may I remind you that it is very probable that whatever you are concerned about losing, does not BELONG to you in the first place, when we look from this point of view, do you not see it ,slightly different? It is our beliefs that create a lot of our fear, never be afraid to follow your heart, it is the most important organ we have and yes this does belong to us, when we follow this and our intuition and gut feeling we should never be afraid, it may not give you the final success you wish for at the time, but it is the best thing to do in that moment in question, it guides us to where we need to be, maybe to make a change, this is high on the afraid list, change, change is a wonderful thing it allows us to be who we really are, or it at least brings us closer step by step to where we want to go or what we want in life, believe in what you want, stand up to your core belief and again never be afraid to stand alone, you are stronger, you have the strength to do it , and should hold no fear, if you don’t put yourself out there, you are not acting on your goals and dreams you need to bring them to you also, and they are not afraid of you, they are just waiting to be of assistance, never be afraid to try.

Never be afraid to put extreme effort in, if you don’t do your absolute best, then you can’t expect to achieve anything different from what everybody else is doing, remember we are all unique and take different approaches on things love, business and even life, don’t become obsessed with the fact that your life will end, we all know that and can’t change it, we are born and then we die, however in between there is a tremendous adventure for us to have and if we are afraid your life will never really begin. It is never to late to live the life you desire and have truly wanted for a long time, age, situation and circumstances are not to be afraid of, set your mind, get into the right mindset, where fear cannot live, it is blocked from that zone………….Until you let go and spread your wings you will never know how far you can fly…………this is your life, we hold on and hold on to things, things that we really do not want anymore or have no use for, and you know why because we are afraid to let go !! Never be afraid to get out there into this wonderful world we are fortunate to live in , get out there have a good look, feel it walk around and never forget it is your legs which are going to lift you up and take you home, so why be afraid this depends on you and only you.

You will never enjoy life if you are afraid to have fun and be you, within all your glory, be generous let the world know how good you are and the talents and abilities you are hiding through fear, share them with others, sharing is caring and you have no idea how good that will feel for you and the others around you.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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