As the saying goes “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, let me include and my nice clean washing and leaves puddles on my drive,” The weather was spectacular this morning, nearly 20 degrees and this afternoon,it slowly started to cloud over and the heavens opened, for us all to enjoy, we really do need this rain, we have had very little rain this winter,and the farmers and in general, everyone really does need a certain amount of rain as to not upset the general flow of things, it has been raining now for nearly an hour and the thunder can be heard, around the mountains with an echo down the valley…….it really is very pleasant and perfect for my topic of today, I was sat here pondering on my topic for today,and decided that Friday was a great day to dedicate a little time to thinking of how our week had gone……………………..

Are we happy with the outcome, do we use our time well, have we had good results? It is a good day to take stock of what we have done, just before we wind down for the week- end and maybe take on totally different roles in life, we take of our working hats and replace them with mummy and daddy hats or great children hats, the roles we could be taking on are numerous, wife, friend, cleaner carer etc., but we need to take note of the week that has passed us by, are you a list person ? and if so, did you manage to tick of everything on your list, do you feel satisfied………………When we take the time to think about ourselves instead of what we are doing or should be doing, we generally will get good results, especially if we are honest 100% , it is a time when we can clearly see are strong and weak points, we obtain clarity, which we all need in our life, this is a great guidance for us, it helps with the direction we should be going in.

Take the time for you, because unless you are very fortunate and have someone to look out for you 24/7, you are responsible for that, and a great amount of pleasure can be obtained, when you know how well you care for yourself, if that is your case, Friday is a lovely day to sit with your favourite tea or coffee and think a little about your week , maybe prepare yourself a nice inviting bath and soak away your week in pure pleasure, you are spoiling and caring for yourself, but, also you are obtaining your clarity and forming your opinions on where you have been positive and maybe even negative during the week. – Then take the time to prepare one of your favourite dishes, full of goodness and nutrients that you need, enjoy this meal, take the time to enjoy it, there is no rush today, it’s Friday, and hopefully a nice comfortable bed and peaceful rest, where the time tomorrow is not as important as a weekday !

Have a great week end, enjoy take time for yourself<3


Universal Life Coach


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