Something special for you today, a gift from me to you, sadly today this only applies to my great wordpress & facebook tribe in America and Canada,but, hopefully will be available to most of you within the near future. Or equally valid for those of you that travel for pleasure or business to America or Canada.

As I am expanding my horizons and adding to my multi stream incomes, I am now very happy to say that I am a Freelance affiliate for Personal Finance and Personal Development, which is allowing me to gift to you a totally new and fantastic App,covering over 450 retailers of every variety you can imagine, from Flights,Hotels Grocery shopping, Clothes Restaurants, the list just goes on, It has been proven in a recent survey, that the average American household spends at least 1.250 Dollars a month, now imagine if you could save up to 30% in some cases on your regular shopping and in the instant that you are purchasing !! simply show your downloaded App at the check out and the saving is yours,(cash discounts) now this is also applied with Groupon and coupons, and will just give you more discount that you originally planned………………………It’s so easy to use and makes saving a real pleasure, you save as you shop,or allows you to buy something that was not quite within your budget, due to the discounts you have gathered during your shopping trip, even down to your petrol, train car travel in general. who does not like to save on money that we have to spend !

Please feel free to download the App, be it for yourself, family or friends,I hope you enjoy this and take advantage of the great discounts and variation of products it has to offer, I am so happy to be able to pass this on to you .

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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