Once you make that decision, everything wonderful is going to happen…… Are you ready, are you kind to yourself, and I really hope you stop finding and counting all the mistakes you make, and start adding up all of your accomplishments. These are some of the things you need to prepare to open up that great door to a new life, you have to be brave, but, why would you be afraid of yourself, you would not, right, we imagine we are afraid of other things, but it is what we think, which in turn makes us feel anxious and yes afraid, now, if we change the way we think about these things and see joy, food maybe even a challenge if you wish,but, you are not looking at fear…………………………..

You have to realise, how fortunate you are to make this decision, not everyone has it in them to go for a new life, and we have to admit not everyone wants to, many people are happy in their lives and this we should always respect, but if you wish to turn your life around and have another go, why not, where is the golden rule written that says NO, it is all back to how we were educated in our early years, on how to run our lives, but things go wrong, they don’t work out how we wish, sometimes we don’t choose to change our lives, it is changed for us, but these are circumstances that we must learn to accept, and then adapt and enjoy our new life, our new journey that we were not expecting, wallowing in self pity and what would of been, is not going to give you a happy life, and even if the most tragic circumstances brought us to this point,you must be brave enough to sit and think, is this what others would want for us, I think deep down we all know the answer to this question………………………and we have to accept it,taking in all situations and sadness, life can be enjoyed again, everyday can bring something different, you just have to be brave enough to look at it.

When we make this great decision to start a new life, this new chapter is more down to you than ever, if you think about previously, we are all our own masters, but at times we are guided by parents, family, friends and partners in life, but when we suddenly decide to start a fresh, you are the only author, do it,how you would wish it to be, whether you are seeking, peace, a new relationship, job or even country, or maybe at first you are not even sure, give yourself the time you need to adapt and to follow your gut, your instinct, your own intuition and personal GPS, usually the first step is a new surrounding, a new home, this can be very intimidating as our home is where we feel safe and special to ourselves, and moving away from that, can be a traumatic experience for many, try as hard as you can to see this as just bricks (easy to say, difficult to digest) and that a home is what you do, what you express within those walls and it is you that can rekindle that feeling and ambience, not anyone else,you have that power and you are your own great creator, this is your first step completed,know you have to seek your security,maybe this is via a new job or even working from home, which seems to be very the mode, in this day and age, try to find the perfect fit for you, remember you are writing these chapters so try to get things as near as perfect to what you want as possible, you can now for maybe the first time in a long time, spread your wings and feel calm, at times, once we make the decision we are looking for, a calm instantly takes over our mind and body, this is when we realise the torment we have been putting ourselves under, and you also realise you do it all by yourself, we really do not need any outside help to turn our lives upside down, we are very capable of doing it ourselves, and when it is from the outside, we usually add and add to the pain and hardship of how to deal with it all, as we close our space for clarity and to be able to think clearly.

This is a great quote, and so true, because at some point we cannot fix what is broken, it breaks so many times it is impossible, and we are just left with a complex mess of a thousand pieces, this is not and should not be our life, we can start again and learn from our mistakes if necessary, Never be afraid or ashamed to start a new life, we all deserve the best and we don’t always find it at the moment, we have to wait for the right moment to come along, everything we do in life, is for a reason, at times we find this hard to comprehend, but somewhere, somehow there is a lesson to be learnt from what we go through, no matter how hard it may be at the time, you do not need to find this instantly, take your time let your thoughts and intuition work for you, just remember that when you choose a new path, a new journey, keep going one step at a time……………………….

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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