Do you feel comfortable being yourself, and do you think you are yourself when you meet people or some one new, or even just people in general ……….or are we always trying to be someone else, maybe someone we admire and really want to be,you know, even if you could change yourself piece for piece to be like someone else,you will never be them, we are unique which I have talked about many times, over and over, and our personality, charisma talents whatever you wish to call it is what attracts other people to you, yes we like to think we are attractive on the outside and we should look after the way we style and groom ourselves, but who you are at the core should be what truly attracts another person.

There are many stunning people in this world but if we base our choice, just on that, we may find the person inside has nothing in common with ourselves at all !! Then what do we do, our perfect partner just drifts away, goes up in smoke or simply becomes a stranger to us, with no connection at all, when we choose our partner, there are many things that need to line up, by this I do not mean we should spend time, simply looking for all the plus signs, this would only lead to a very mechanical relationships built on perfect partnerships, things need to flow between two people, a connection needs to be made, this does not mean either that you both have to love doing all the same things, to have different interests is not a bad thing ,this is only a problem when a lack of maturity is in the relationship and jealousy steps in, this is one of the worst enemies within a couple, as jealousy can kill anything and does, sooner or later.

To form a perfect partnership, you have to be sure of yourself, to know who you are and where you wish to go, when you feel confident within yourself you can be open and show exactly who you are, be proud of that and never hide away from yourself, no matter what it is you fear, when you are in a serious relationship, you have to face it……………………………….and remember your self worth, you are entering into a relationship where you represent half, 50%, there are always days when your input maybe more or less, but you have to find a balance where both parties are happy, and that the relationships work on a fair and level basis.

Never feel that your intellect must not shine through, those days really are behind our society of today, many people are loved for their intelligence and how they conduct themselves within certain events and circumstances,all of these things make up who we are and can attract people to us, how many times have you heard the comment, I don’t know what it is about that person, but they attract people to them everytime they appear……………………. this is when their charisma or what we wish to call it comes through, it can even be what we wear, you may remember a long time ago I wrote a blog regarding ourselves as our presentation card, and this is so true, people form opinions on what they see and hear, and first impressions count……..always feel comfortable in your own skin and who you are.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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