This is your life and you need to be very conscious of that fact, many of us do not give the respect and time that we should to this, the one thing that is the same for us all is that time can pass by at an alarming speed, we blink and we are 10 years ahead, when you are young you maybe don’t notice this so much, but the moment you have children in your life, time gallops away, I don’t know where but it flies by !! So, how much effort do you think we should put into directing our life, wanting the best kind of life we can and know how to get your life under control.

You will have learnt over the years that we cannot control a storm, the thunder the rain the wind, but we can control how to direct and control our life, it is whether we are brave enough to forfil that task, and if it were the case, why don’t we………again we refer to our old friend fear, removing fear from our everyday life, really is important, most of the time with fear, if we don’t do what we propose we will never know, if we don’t open that door, we will never know what is on the other side, if we don’t take that direction, we will never know the experience and if we don’t eat something or another we will never know the taste, and this goes on and on with everything we fear, fear is generally something unknown to us, no more no less, so how can we be open to opportunities in life, if we let fear hold us back on most things, that is not being in control, quite the opposite, we are letting fear control us.

You are the director of this show, you and no one else, the director of your life…..always, if you don’t control your life, you can lose your way, you can hurt yourself and don’t know where to go, and, it is then. taken out of your hands and circumstances will then decide for you.Nothing happens by accident, there is always a reason for what happens whether it be good or bad, it is another lesson in the journey of life, instinct guides us through rough patches if we listen to our inner voice, never ignore this little voice, for it will no doubt be giving you guidance and good advice the worst thing we can do when confronting bad times is to not accept what is being served to us, no matter how unjust it may seem, when we accept things it places us in a position to be more calm and to be able to evaluate the circumstances and what is going on around us,to accept something does not mean you are in agreement, but when we accept circumstances into our life, we are able to adjust better to what this has brought with it. We should always accept what comes to us, live to the fullest and find and focus on positivity.

When you visualise your life, see it through your eyes and not that of someone else, you need to see that vision and it needs to be what you truly want in your life, what way we accomplish in our life is due to our vision and our thoughts, if we truly started to pay attention and belief to this, things can change in an amazing way. When we allow our mind to be calm and quiet we are able to hear intuition over fear.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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