Good question, can you answer it, of course the answer should be theirs, you and your growth is not about being the best at something it is about doing your best, no one can ask more of you and you will have the personal satisfaction as you know what is your best. We all seek to be the first, the best , perfection, but by striving for this, we can make ourselves very unhappy and others also, you will get to where you wish to go by doing your best, never doubt your capabilities, you may remember yesterday we spoke about fear, and here we are again doing our best and stepping forward, you will either step forward into your own personal growth or you will step backward into safety and your comfort zone, be brave step out and be your best self.

What a beautiful saying, stand still and flow,this will also bring out the best of yourself, when you flow into the situation you desire, when you make happiness and personal growth a priority in your life, things happen, the more you take care of yourself , the more you can take care of others, this is a known fact…….to grow yourself you really need to know yourself, knowing yourself is a big part of the secret to success.

As we go through our life, we hit good times and bad times, I really don’t think anyone can say they have not known the bad times, and you may also notice that most people you suffer bad moments in their life, in the end have happy lives and feel satisfaction in what they are doing and even success, as I mentioned the other day, never give up as we really do not know how close we are to where we wish to go. At times a change in the way we look at things, the things we look at change. If we pass through life full of negativity and leave it all around us, leaving little crumbs everywhere we go,can you really wonder why you’ve got the life that you have, growth is a wonderful experience, it is also an ideal opportunity to pass through a detoxifying process in which things will surface and need to come out and looked at before they are released.

To give up, is to fail yourself, never do this, keep going always, dedicate the time you need to yourself and your personal growth.


Universal Life Coach


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