At times it is difficult for us to realise that we experiment Personal Growth as we go through our everyday life, it can be obvious, when we sit and study or decide to take a course etc., but otherwise we sail through our days and life and maybe never give it a thought, however if we think hard enough and want to make a change of some sort within our life we can do it, over a period of time, when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves, if we stopped and realised how much we complained about things and we stopped that, and started to appreciate how lucky we are everyday. There are times in our life when we feel lonely, but if we were to learn how to embrace that lonliness and reinvent ourselves in the process, we could learn so much…when we start to remove the people in our life that we do not need the people that only bring us negativity or drain you of your positive energy.

Consider your life with less TV and set internet controls upon your self, take that time to do other things, think of a skill you would like to learn and cultivate, go ahead and get into it, put the effort into the developing it, commit to the goal you set and never look back. Try to exercise each day and work up that sweat, it really boosts your mood, keep going forward and learn from every mistake you make.

When you leave these old habits and thoughts behind, you really can start to become a better you everyday, it is not a diffcult task, when we start to become more observant, notice everything that surrounds you, be attentive and eager to know what is there, the world is full of wonderful things, it is also a great thing to collect your thoughts and ideas, we try to store them in our head, but normally we tend to forget some if not all of them by the end of the day, however if we get into the routine of writing them down, we always have a record to fall back on, always keep a little note pad close by,reading is also a wonderful way to grow, if you can read 30 mins everyday you will form a habit that you will not regret, reading can give us so much, if we start to carry a book with us, we will soon fall into the habit of reading when the moment allows it. Writing is also a great advantage for us, when we write on a regular basis it will help us with discipline of thinking, our thoughts become more organised and we lose the crazy jumpy mind ! and finally at the end of the day, dedicate 10mins to yourself and run through your day, think about what you did well and what mistakes you made and how you could improve things in the future.

Finally we come to that big change and a subject we have written about many times, FEAR it is so responsable for so many things, do not let fear stand in your way, it really is not that bad, and always remember the wonderful future of new things that are coming into your life, and how you can grow and grow in the process, your personal growth is important through the whole of your life, everyday growth is beneficial to all of us.


Universal Life Coach


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