Relationships in business or in your personal life hold an A1 position, they are something that can affect our whole business or family life if not both when things are not going the way we hoped or thought that they should.

Do we have a fixed idea or scheme that we stick to, regarding our relationships, and if this is the case how are they working out for you ?

The more you reach your highest of potentials, the easier it is to attract a high level partnership that can continue to grow, however it is very important that we do not lose sight of who we really are, many people fall into this trap and try to become someone else, don’t confuse this with change, change is good, it helps with your growth, but becoming someone else and losing your true essence is not what that means, when we start to evolve and grow within a relationship whether it be personal or business, we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground and remember who we are, the struggle you may of had or the loneliness, it is important that the people you are dealing with are maybe where you were and need the understanding you had or would of loved to receive.

As we go through the process of growth again in any kind of relationship, we gain and we lose, we cry and when we do we grow yet again, we fail but we keep going and all of these things bring us growth, if we take in what is happening and listen to our inner self, at times jealousy can come out again in both types of relationships, but all that does is strangle your own soul, nothing is gained.When we are looking for a lasting relationship it needs to look and feel like the most amazing thing on earth and needs to be treated in the same way.

When we start a new relationship full consideration for the other person or peoples feelings should always be respected, accepting the faults is vital and to be able to discuss and not argue your different view points,always do your best to control your feelings when you are upset about something. Self control is important.

When you can see and feel that someone loves you in a personal relationship that does not give you the excuse to stop loving yourself, this project is between you and yourself, this relationship sets the tone for every other relationship you have. It is also necessary for each relationship to be build on feelings and not just business links, yes, business is business but it is human business we are not dealing with robots, and the human touch can always make the difference making or breaking a good relationship of work or personal , when leaders appear before us we should always look to see if they abide by the 3R code, Respect for others, Respect for self,and responsibility for all the actions they take, communication and trust are two main ingredients for a successful relationship. When we lead and work with others we need to be faithful, respect them and always make them feel wanted within the team and company, others should not be given open preference making others feel less, this is not a good balanced relationship.

A great relationship is about two principle things, Appreciation, when we show we are appreciating the similarities and secondly, Respect, respecting the differences.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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