Does the thought of eternal growth frighten you a little, the thought of always learning something new, for some this is a frightening thought, they feel that after a certain point it is very difficult for someone to learn things that are new! The fact is that this is not true, it is true that it may and I say may, as in many cases learning is the same as always, but in a few cases it may take you a little longer to absorb the information being passed to you.

“Can an old dog, learn new tricks ” as they say, they certainly can time and time again, if the why and the want is present, if you look back over your life, how many things have you left undone or not even started, was it a language, a certain course, even learning to swim……… we all have something that just got left behind, but, with an open mind you will clearly see we can do it, now in the present………

You have to enjoy the process of learning, if not, don’t even start, it is a waste of your time and that of others………… will already know, that when your heart is not in what you are going to do, the pleasure has gone and it becomes a terrible commitment, when something becomes a commitment it is a up hill climb, boredom sets in and you will never find satisfaction in what you do, however when you enter into this learning journey full of passion and excitement, the time flies by and you receive nothing but pure enjoyment from your efforts, you will still find it an effort and at times difficult but it will be welcomed with a smile and inner satisfaction as opposed to a large sigh and feeling of carrying kilos on your back !

Never be afraid to take on a new challenge in life, you can do whatever you put your mind to, whether this be a new hobby or business, you are never to old, if it is something you truly want and have that full gut feeling inside, it may take you a little longer to digest all the information and details but that does not mean you will always be the last, and if you were but you are happy and have achieved personal satisfaction you have gained everything and lost nothing. Enjoy everyday ,learn all you can, but never feel afraid of learning something new, this is how we achieve eternal growth

Brooke, Universal Life Coach

http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham .

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