My life………….we all have one , but do you realise it is yours…we call and refer to it as my life, but do we truly treat it that way, or just make belief within ourselves that this is what it is ? If we are female, it is our life,but, that also of our children our husbands our family our work and sadly the list goes on and on, and for many men it is the same ……….but I have to say here not all, we all have the friend or family member who is married but actually has required another child !

So where do you draw the line, where does the spinning plates settle for a while and your life begin, the one you can truly call “my life” this is just not about what we call “my time” although that is a great start, if you are making time for yourself, you are going down the right track, this is about doing things just for your purpose and not others this is about your independence in every way, are you financially independent or do you have to stay in your situation because life would be to difficult if you didnt, are you unwilling to give up certain things in your life to have the independence you would like and enjoy. It is a known fact that many of us sacrifice are career, to be Mothers, to be there for our children particularly at a young age, we all have different view -points on that, and all are totally repectable. However the world is changing and so is employment, so many people now work from home, its great, you more or less get to choose your own hours, so it can fit around your other obligations,so many are achieving satisfaction by A) working B ) earning and C) gaining financial independence and being able to make your own decisions or help towards the families economical situation,it is a well known fact that the majority of homes are in some form of debt, trapped into a situation we did not even see coming, so what do we do, do we let the stress and anxiety levels rise, because by doing this it will then extend to everyone and everyone suffers, not only you, and your closet relationships will be the first to suffer, so it is important that you become your own asset and not the asset of someone else, for example the bank for the rest of your life, this moment in time is wonderful for allowing us to become independent without having to go out of our homes to do it, we are also allowed to enjoy multi-streamed incomes which is something unheard of, in previous years, the modern technologic age gives us so many things that we can adapt to, with a little interest, your knowledge in this field can be virtually nil, but if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, you can act and then accordingly create change and achieve the independent life you would like. And “Your life” really can be yours again.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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