So, what is a habit, do we form them or do they form us ? Habits really are necessary for us to reach our goals , and it is true that motivation is what gets us started, this is like our WHY, when we know our WHY we know what we need to change or bring into our life to obtain that goal, and this we would normally do by acquiring a new habit……………..

A habit is something we should do on a regular basis to bring our goal nearer to us or something that will be beneficial to us, in one way or another, if we wish to lose weight, we need to create new eating habits and the same can be said for exercise, it is a new activity which we wish to bring into our life, and a habit of that must be formed, obviously if it is something we really want and crave for the habit forming is much easier. If we bite our nails and wish to have beautiful hands and nails,the habit of no biting needs to be put in place.

This is the great beauty of habit forming, when we finally see the results of repeating what we do, when you become what you wish to see, when we make a promise to ourselves it is at times not enough without a permanent action behind it, in this case a habit . As they say action speaks louder than words, and .repeating that makes it permanent in our everyday life.

Now here is the big thing, when adopting a new habit, you may struggle a little, but never give up , as none of us know how close we are to reaching our goal, when we believe in ourselves, and know we can do it, this positive attitude will help with your habit forming, whether in be for business, pleasure health whatever your need, keep going no matter what, you are unique and you are unbeatable

Brooke Universal Life Coach

One Comment on “WHAT’S IN A HABIT …………………………………..

  1. So true Brooke. It’s a mindset and a matter of perseverance. I used to bite my nails when I was younger. It took me years to break the habit and even now I’m still tempted.

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