Did you know that to stop being in the red, is in your hands, we just need to apply a plan regarding our shopping habits, within the home, transport and our free time.

Saving seems to be a fashionable trend at the moment, (when we can) obviously depending on the situation in your homeland or personal circumstances which we all live within our homes, are a form of consuming is on the change. our old ways are giving way to the new conduct rules for our planet, it is a case of covering are needs with more sustainable models, more intelligent and healthy. So we need to consume adapting ourselves to the new times.

The first step to alleviate this stress from your life is to pinpoint the type of costs that ruin your budget, once you have located this problem, we can remove it, make it better and to find the solution best for each of us. As for eating habits, it is not always more expensive to eat a good healthy diet, with fresh food rather than processed and prepared meals, the grocery bill can be reduced with a little thought and a well balanced and economical menu created, savings can be also made on water and electricity bills when one is conscious of the expense of it at times, just simply by flicking the light switch off, we have all unfortunately fallen in to bad habits with these two items, we can also save on transport, all in all, we need to put together a complete plan on how to live well with a responsible affect on our pocket.

It is always useful to plan your shopping, if you go with a list, it is easier to resist temptation buying, stick to your list previously worked out on what you wish to eat during your week, try to be aware of the prices of what you buy on a regular basis, however going from shop to shop for a better price will eventually be as expensive as buying everything under one roof, most supermarkets are balanced and offer good prices, remember your time is also money! start to take note if you are throwing away food that is out of date, if this is the case you can cut down on the amount you buy, also if you can cook on one day and freeze for the week, you will save money. Do you have a special rate for special hours of the day on your electric?

Try to cut down on the washing machine, always use a full load ………. A bigger item could be your mortgage, have you thought of seeking advice, new agreements are appearing all the time, it may now be cheaper with other conditions, the same applies for internet and telephones. Control the costs of a car, if you don’t need to use it, walk, take a bus, train avoid parking costs etc., These are just a few little tips to save money on everyday things, things that we all do, eat and use.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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