Would you know a golden opportunity if it hit you in the face, or would you stand on the sidelines and watch life pass you by, slowly but surely…….this is what many of us may do, so why do we make that choice, what keeps us back is it, lack of confidence within ourselves to see a certain mission through, is it fear that roots us to the ground, not being able to move in any direction or maybe the lack of our self worth to be able to do such a thing . Or can we only function well when directed by others and told what to do, step by step………..they are many phrases that capture these moments in our life, the train only stops at the station once! we are so blind we do not see the wood for the trees whatever we hide behind or wish to believe, it takes courage to step out and step up, but you know if things don’t go all that well, what have we lost. ……………maybe a little time and hopefully a small financial outlay, and in some cases not even that, however, the point you should be seeing is not to miss your next golden opportunity, whatever feelings you have, put them aside and go for it, jump into that water and swim, show yourself what you can do, this is not for anyone else, so don’t worry about comments from the outer circle, they did not have the courage to try it, to get wet, so why should a comment of that kind worry you, just think of the conversation you have with yourself , this is the most important one, and it is the one that will cheer you on, day in day out !

A golden opportunity is not something you prepare yourself for, as you never know when it is coming into your life, you just need to act when it does, each day will bring you nearer to your goal and what you need to know, none of us were born knowing everything, and learning a thing a day is a great way to accumulate knowledge, remember this is your superpower! We are never too old, to learn anything and if we maintain an active brain, anything can be taken on board, the world due to modern technology has become smaller and smaller, but equally, for the knowledge we now have at hand, it is enormous……….. so, remember , when your next golden opportunity appears take action and fear for nothing….

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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