A comforting shower, a good stretch before we sleep …..little things that help us to slide into a nice zen zone, we live sadly very depending on the clock, we run from one side to another, so how do we release the stress that we accumulate during the day, with a few small beauty rituals and good habits.

Aromatherapy…. there is no better way to start your day than with a great morning shower using aromatherapy gel, wonderful and creamy enjoy……

The power of tea infusions… first thing in the morning, ginger and lemon are excellent stimulates and a great start to the day.

Wake up all your senses, fragrances such as grapefruit, lemon mandarin any citric fruit, well improve your state of mind and well being instantly and fill you with the dynamics you need for the day.

Take a break… so tired, so much work…. stop, take just a few minutes and use them to breathe, and visualize things that make you feel calm and tranquil.

Vitamins without counting calories… If you find fruit boring, why not try an up to the minute smoothie, a great anti-oxidant is a cup of red fruits mixed with almond milk a spoon of cacao and honey…

Rest those eyes… headaches, tired vision, refresh those eyes with a cold gel mask, a great refreshing calmness for the eyes and will take away any inflammation you may have.

Spoil your feet…..we take them on long walks, we make them suffer in our heels, our little feet need TLC also, exfoliate them and pop them into warm. water with good bath salts and enjoy the soak ……..very relaxing

Sweet dreams….take large stretches before getting into bed, this is great for the lubrication of your muscles and can prevent sprains and pulling of the joints etc.,

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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