As you are probably aware last week I did a post on magic, the importance of you believing in yourself and what the magic could bring into your life, well it seems to have risen a number of questions for some of you, so I thought I would run through it one more time, it is so important for us all to have magic in our lives and believe me, we do not need to be Harry Potter!

When we practise gratitude every day in order to have magic in our life, we become more and more aware of the time we have spent without gratitude and magic in our lives, the difference really is remarkable and you will be the first to notice and benefit from it. It will become a part of you and your everyday routine without even a thought it will become part of you. Sadly, what happens to many of us, is we get so into our everyday chores and plans and totally forget to practise gratitude to bring that magic into our life, so, unfortunately, it just flows right out of our lives………we should start to let it help us in many ways, when areas of our lives are on a downward motion, this is an indication that gratitude is needed in that area, if its a few things, you are going to be busy, but, having magic in your life is worth every second. when you increase your gratitude in that area things will improve and the magic flows in.

This is not silly behaviour or kidding yourself, you just need to look for the true goodness in what to be grateful for in each situation and circumstance. You know it is there, so be honest with yourself, this way the things you are not happy about will disappear just like magic. Gratitude is a law of the Universe, it is a gift from the Universe to you, it is there for you, for your use and to help you progress in what you desire in life.

When you look at the relationship between you and the Universe, you will see that there are various levels regarding you and your abundance, the way you move through these levels depends on the relationship you hold with the Universe, we always tend to look above when we wish to converse with the Universe, but it is, in fact, all around us, and within. When you understand that the Universe is within you, and that’s its nature is to always want the best for you in every area of your life, you, in return will feel a natural feeling of gratitude for everything you have in your life. (No matter how bad you may feel your life is, someone somewhere is in a worst situation or circumstance than you) These feelings will help you obtain a good relationship with yourself and the Universe.

The more you believe this concept and truly understand this, your relationship becomes better and better with the Universe, and you understand everything you receive, this is when you can reach the level of total abundance unlimited abundance from the magic of gratitude. You will have reached a state and level of total love, you will have opened your heart and mind totally to this wonderful magic, gratitude is a wonderfully powerful thing…..this will have a tremendous impact on your life and that of people around you. You will become great friends and your channel to the earth will be open, you are aligned when you feel that partnership, you will feel it within, from that moment you have control again of your life and the magic just flows in, nothing will stop you, the world is yours and your dreams will come true.

Gratitude is the way to go, it is correct and always right, it is the cure for so many broken things, your love life your relationships your lack of money or health and even your unhappiness, when we really start to understand gratitude it can remove fear worry stress anxiety from our life and introduce once again to happiness and the things we enjoy in life. We obtain clarity again and our intuition kicks in, we are guided onto the right path, we resolve our problems and start to see opportunities appear in our life, we can achieve our goals. Gratitude is that wonderful thing that opens doors for us, it leads us to success, new ideas and gives us the courage to reach outside your comfort zone.

Remember to take the magic with you where ever you go, let it flow into everything you do your love your passions your actions and situations you find in life when you next have a large problem, make a special effort and use gratitude in everything within your life, your circumstances will change. Remember the magic words of Thank you, say them many times a day and say it out loud whatever you are doing or wherever you are, say it to yourself but express your gratitude for what you have and take that magic power with you.

Hope you all have a great week, full of gratitude and magical powers………

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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