“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it “

This wonderful statement was written by Roald Dahl (1916 – 1990)

Do you? Or maybe the correct question would do you still? as I strongly believe we all did as children, I don’t think there are many children who have not had their moment in believing in magic……………….those were the days when we looked at life through totally different eyes……….life really was magical for most of us back in those days, anything could happen and we found most things exciting and an adventure, how many magical adventures did you live with your parents or grandparents, we all had some kind of a fairy godmother, although they may have been well disguised as someone else, that magical person who made wonderful things happen in our life…………………….However, we grow and life goes on around us, but you know we really don’t have to lose the magic, that is really down to us, we see it in different ways, but believe me, it can still be in our lives, if that is the decision we make. You see in a way, we become our own fairy godmother, yes we can still have magical special people in our life, and I hope you do, but the principal player is you, it is your thoughts that control your magic!

Don’t lose your magic as you grow, magic really is real and can be real in your life, do you know how to bring magic into your life? have you forgotten or simply stopped believing. You may not wait for the tooth fairy or Peter Pan tapping on your window, but exciting things can appear in your life, with your power of belief, believing in yourself and your thoughts, the magic appears in your life, you do not see it at work it is indeed invisible, your job is to focus on the magic you want in your life, to think and visualize how you wish to create your future life, full of magic and magical events, are you ready for magic to be in your life again………..

When you start to believe in yourself again and that magic really does exist, life-changing events will take place, one of the most important points of believing is the gratitude we feel for our situation, gratitude in itself is a very magical word when used correctly, when we have gratitude, we will magically be given more things to be grateful for, it is felt from the heart , It is a Universal Law,according to the Law of Attraction gratitude governs our whole life, like attracts like…. this law operates on your thoughts and feelings, so what you think and what you feel are attracted to you. The more you complain or talk about a certain problem in your life, by the way, you phrase this, you will attract more, if you find you start your sentence with I can’t, I haven’t ,I don’t, stop …….do you see what you are doing, do you see how you are calling more of the same to you, try to think of all the things you are grateful for, we have many in our life, regardless of our circumstances. we become magnets and your gratitude is magnetic, the more you feel, the more abundance you magnetize. this is a Universal Law. This same law is explained in popular sayings such as “you reap what you sow” “You get what you give” Do you see this?

Do you have any magic in your life? You can judge and see for yourself, if you look at the main areas of your life, happiness career home money health relationships etc., the areas that are abundant and fine is where you have never given up your feeling and thinking of gratitude, however the areas that are not so abundant is where you have given up on gratitude, this will stop the flow into your life, and progress in your life, you become stuck and unable to move forward……to receive you have to give, you need to give thanks, when you forget this you stop yourself you block yourself on every level, the magic abandoned your life. e start to only take, what we maybe do not realize is that we are taking from ourselves, which we do not think of at that time. To have no gratitude in your life, will leave you with nothing. This does not mean you are a horrible person, we do these things without thought, we will have been grateful during our life, but to change our current circumstances if that is what we want, we need to practise gratitude and make it a part of our life. The words Thank You are so powerful, you cannot imagine, each morning and each evening if you spend a few moments talking to yourself and the universe, give thanks for everything you have, we breathe we see we feel we hear, there is so much, we are never at a loss of things to be thankful for, and do not forget the Universal Law, the more grateful for something we are the more we will have to be grateful for, these are your magic words, these words will bring you your dreams, Gratitude is a feeling and one of the easiest things to introduce into your life and new routine, when you start to see the magical results happening in your life, you will never wish to return to your older ways.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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