Vitamins, proteins and fatty acids improve our mental agility, so is the one that eats better more intelligent?

When it comes to caring for our diet to have better mental health, we have to take on board various types of food, not just one because it has excellent results. It is best to look for equilibrium good products and foods that compliment that. Carbohydrates, glucose is the fuel of our brain and when introduced into our diet it will improve our cognitive capacity, our memory, and attention. To have the energy it is best not to eat big amounts and heavy food, it is much better to eat more frequently, to always have energy. When we are under stress you will need it more, the healthiest choice would be rice, brown cereals, potatoes, sweet potatoes.

Fats high in Omega 3, this can be found in Olive Oil fatty fish such as tuna, sardines and salmon also found in avocado which is excellent also for the memory and attention. What can be found in the Omega 3 which makes it so special is DHA which is found in the original structure of the brain, the membranes which are the external layers of the nerve cells, are also made up of this substance, not totally, but part of the structure contains DHA and is important for many functions. Iron, when people are found with anemia their level of vitamin B12 are low, they will have problems in concentration, however, we can find this extremely vital mineral in meat, lentils spinach …. Zinc indispensable for our defenses, we can avoid this by eating pumpkin seeds, oysters spinach and lamb…. Vitamins found in the B group, Forming part of the structure of the neurons, which is why it is important, Vitamin B6 is found in chicken, banana plums, apricots, and cereals. B12 can be found in clams eggs milk fish meat and ricotta cheese fruit and vegetables. Folic acid B9 can be found more in vegetables and those with green leaves asparagus.

. Vitamin antioxidant C this will protect our nervous system, they are better eaten in our daily diet as in supplement form unless prescribed by a doctor. Any type of citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C orange, lemons kiwi etc., peppers strawberries tomatoes. Vitamin K broccoli Brussel sprouts and vegetable with green leaves good for the bloodstream and memory. Dried fruits, almonds, and nuts, in general, contain vitamin E and omega 3 and magnesium, these help to maintain the concentration level longer without feeling a sudden drop and tiredness, which is what can happen when the snack is high in sugar as in chocolate or industrial cakes etc., dried fruits also provide a good quantity of protein, which as well as other things will keep us awake and alert. Red fruits like raspberries and strawberries are great for the memory and attention abilities, highly recommended.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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