Something as simple as a walk barefoot can increase your vitality and even prevent numerous illness’s, we depend on the energy of the earth for our health and well being. From the beginning of time, a man walked in bare feet, Many of the reasons for our sickness and complaints of today, come from when plastic was used on the sole of our shoes, stopping the energy of the earth transferring to us. When we reconnect with the energy earth it is the base of earthing or grounding as it is known. A simple free therapy available to everyone. It holds many secrets and benefits.

The principles of earthing…….the human body is designed to be in direct contact with the earth with a permanent interaction of energy, which is why we can find so many nerve endings in our feet. On the sole of our feet, we can find so many nerve endings in our feet. e can find on the sole of our feet one of the most important points in acupuncture known in the Chinese tradition as K1, this point crosses with many different meridians with all the organs of the body and is considered the point of entrance of the energy known as Qi. When we place our feet on the floor with absorbing great quantities of electrons (negative charges) through the sole of our feet. It is important that electricity circulates around the body, however, shoe wear and floor coverings such as plastic shoes and synthetic floorings will obstruct the flow of electrons. This creates an overload of positive charge which can cause inflammation, and pain which can make us ill and age. Electrons are powerful antioxidants which can neutralize and reestablish our body equilibrium.

Try to walk as much as possible on wet sand or on the countryside, barefoot of course, even at home ,it is also good to swim in the sea, rivers, and lakes, as water is excellent conduct of water.

There are many benefits and advantages to earthing, it can even improve your sleep. It can raise your energy and reduce tiredness, it can reduce stress and anxiety calm your nervous system and your stress hormones. It can also release muscle tension and headaches. Always try to walk as much as possible bare foot , the contact of your feet with many nerve endings are all highly beneficial.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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