Have you ever given thought to whether you are in or out of life, or even maybe both from time to time, we love, we live, and everything around us changes, sometimes due to our own doing and sometimes through the doing of others !! Which we have no control over………………….

There are moments in our life, that can be very difficult for a thousand reasons, and a thousand situations, however that does not mean we have to give up, we are sent all these trails and tribulations in order to experience exactly what life is and the more experience we acquire the more knowledgeable we should become, and we will have learned many lessons in totally different areas of life, they can be personal social involving you and involving others, you will learn how to resolve conflicts and problems finding the solution that is needed for you or for others. One of the greatest things we should learn, and the earlier the better is patience, when we have patience with ourselves and others, we automatically see things in a different light, when we are angry we make the wrong decisions and choices for the wrong reasons, when we can sit back a little and value the true situation we will then make the better decision that is needed.

When we are in a personal relationship and a situation is put in front of us, don’t try to put the inevitable of, if a relationship has run its course, admit it, accept it, the sooner you do that, the better you will feel, emotions are not controlled like a light switch on/off but when we accept a situation whatever it may be, things will always be better, this can be a job loss, a personal loss . If you stop and think the acceptance of anything in your life is always a step forward in life, it never takes you backwards. It keeps you in life, which is where you need to be always, time is too precious to waste in off time, we need to keep moving forward, accept the changes that present themselves to us, whether you have made that choice or not, if you have not, try asking yourself why would you want to be in any kind of situation where you maybe are not wanted, and remember this is not because you are not good enough, on the contrary, nothing happens for no reason, everything has its reason, there is something much better waiting for you and your worth. So be ready and be in……………………

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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