Have these past holidays been different for you, maybe your partner is no longer around or your children are making new families of their own, whatever the difference, do any of us like change or do we fear it ? At times it is hard to imagine ever being happy again at festive times because of the memories we keep deep inside, but time is a great healer as they say and with a little effort all round, things can become special again.

When you have grown up in a busy happy household, where Christmas and the New Year took on great importance, so much food and gifts, laughter and love, friends coming and going, it is quite frightening to think of things being a different way, you still expect excited little children, carols being sung and little lights everyhere and sadly this is not the case, but other beautiful things can take place there , you can experience events and social gatherings that children could not of been part of, sofistication can enter your home and your life, exceptional food, still traditional but with that extra sassiness that generally little fingers don’t mix well with…….even our decorations can take on a new style, …………………………………..So, new year, new changes, it can at times have been a complete upheaval leading up to the event, and at times you even want to put enough distance between the place of events and yourself………..but that is not always the answer, you may move home (in the event of losing your partner) but your heart moves with you, so you might as well stay if you are basically happy there, and let hopefully your heart heal in familiar surroundings ………this time can be very sad for most people but sadly it has to be gone through, there is no magic spell or magic wand we can use.

When this situation appears on your horizon you have to feel your way through new christmas or festive arrangements, there are no golden rules here either you just have to use common sense and do your best .

After a period of time, as I mentioned before, what ever the reason your situation has changed, things will get better……… if you have just passed an important date in your life or are going to in the near future, accept that it is going to feel strange different maybe even awkard, your emotions will be running high and are felt more at these difficult times, give yourself a break not everything is your responsibility or fault, take it easy, things will get better, things change so always stay open to new ideas , and always if children are involved shield them from adult stupid animosity !! it is not their fault, never has been and never will be……………..

Don’t for what ever reason feel resentful , during these times , always think and act in positivity and don’t forget about you, you are important.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


About theutopiauniverse

It's time to payback all the good in our lives,to pass to each other everything we have learned,the knowledge we have stored within, and the love we have to share. I am a fully qualified Psychologist,Life Coach,Performance Consultant & LOA Practitioner. I have shared this blog with everyone since February 2013, I have been able to help many,but also been helped by many,this I am truly grateful for and thank everyone for your support and advice.Should you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so,my email is open to you all. I look forward to hearing from you.
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  1. This is the year of ME and plenty of YESES. šŸ™‚


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