Magic is in the air, it’s that special time of the year, where long ago we would of wished our little hearts out for things we wished to appear on Christmas morning, and now we probably feel as if that magic has vanished into thin air, that is not true, it is the way we think and do things that have changed, the basic’s of “magic” as we like to call it are still the same and always will be, it is how we view our ever changing life, that makes that change for us in how we think and what we feel are our possibilites, it was once said “Imagination, is the true magic “carpet”……………………….The problem very often is in, how life has treated us, or us life, depending on how you look at it, whether we have alot of happiness in your life, and how grateful we feel for what we have and are always ready to receive, this is the important part of this magic, if we wish to generate magic in our life, we have to give thanks for things before we receive them, it can be seen in history how many cultures have  performed ceremonies and elaborated great gestures to give thanks, creating the energy required, the great rain dance by the American Indians there are so many to mention, in most cultures and religion thanks are given before you receive what you wish. 

When you understand how like attracts like, you will see the importance of giving thanks before you receive what you desire, when you give thanks in this way, your whole vibration is that of someone who already has what they desire, you feel as though it is already yours, this way you will have the ability to attract to you what you desire. And of course the easiest way to do that is to use gratitude for what you want. Gratitude is something that we must feel and have to receive, it is not something we should just do just after receiving something. It is essential to have everything you want in this life to be grateful before and after. It is important, once you have formed the image of you having the object that you want, you need to continually focus on that, retain the feeling haveing what you have and of course to be always grateful. When you continue to see and feel what you desire, it will form into reality and the magice starts to work in your life, your part is to be grateful and to hold the feeling and vision. Never worry about how this is going to happen, that is not your job, let the magic take care of that. This is the law of the Universe. 

Always be very clear on what you wish within your life, it can be in many areas and more than one thing, money, health, home relationships success , the more specific you are, the better it is for you and your creation and also it is easier to see the results as they appear, by your personal magic. Write everything down, even your thanks, gratitude on paper like anything else is always much stronger, to write thank you three times followed by what you want, can be  very powerful act, give thanks for what you want, not only for what you have. 

This is a great moment for you to work on the magic in your life, life is magical and so are we, and creating our future is pure magic , your magical power is very grand and authentic ❤


Universal Life Coach


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