Love, magic and miracles all in one, what can it be, you may think, well I have just spent a little over a week with the man of my life, my grandson, and I can tell you  he is all those three things rolled into one ! and I love him, so dearly, as he would say to the universe and back. 

my universe 1

He is unbelievably kind and considerate and always thinking of your well-being, if he can help here or there, he totally overflows with love for everything around him, people, nature animals, to see the world through his eyes and listen to his little logic on life, is truly worth it’s worth in gold. his explanation on things are so simple, but also so correct, we adults could certainly learn a thing or two from these wonderful little people. 


The magic he brings with him wherever he goes, is also a pleasure to watch and the reaction of others, he instantly holds a conversation with who ever is around, their age is of no importance to him, he just always has something to say and people always fall into conversation with him, amazed most of the time for what he has to say, his attention this last week has been on those poor boys trapped in the cave, with their football coach, he has followed the story each day and was so over joyed when the first four were finally out, and happily told everyone he came into contact with.

magic week 3

For me, he is a miracle, a little miracle that came into my life, what would I do without him…………………………………miracles do happen and they come in all shapes and sizes, they in turn give us love magic kindness inner peace and lots of reasons to share our hearts ❤


I hope you have this magic and miracles in your life


Brooke Universal Life Coach

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