What kind of friend are you, do you know ? Are you aware of your good points and also your bad ones, do you understand or admit to mistakes that are some times made within a friendship,   are you the type that feels your friendship gives you the right to pass the invisible line, everyone has an invisible line no matter who we are and no matter how much slack we give our friends, when we reach this point, we must always try not to reach the point of no return, this is how many friendships end, regardless of what has gone before. At times we can have a friend that is worth everything to us but that one thing, even at times insignificant can break that friendship and nothing will repair this, or allow it to be reconstructed.

friends 1

Are you the gracious friend, the hysterical one, the one full of black humour, the one that’s always there, the sensible one, the great independent, the brave one………….do you know what role you play within your friends which title do you hold ? At times you maybe surprised of what they think and how much they truly think of you. 

Are you the friend that all your friends trust and confide in you, it never matters how you feel or where you are, your friends can always rely on you.

Or maybe you are the social one, that has so many friends, you don’t have enough hours, but this does not mean you only pass lightly through their life, because everything matters to you what is happening to them.

friends 2

Or maybe you are the highly active friend, the one who always has a plan or adventure, a shopping trip or just an afternoon of film watching, your friends are always hanging out with you.

Then of course don’t lets forget the necessary friend, there is no perfect plan without this friend, and although they may not always have time, the time you spend with your friends is always quality time. 

friends 3

No matter which description you fit best, we are most certainly the best friend when we are 100% ourselves, this is when true friendship can bloom, Happy friendships 

Brooke Universal Life Coach 





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  1. You know – i have been through alot i am 33 now, when i moved into my boyfriend at the time at 21 now my husband, people didnt understand how i couldnt afford things, gas to go places, or just to have a cup of coffee out. They ditched me, and lost some. Then i got married, i lost even more they didnt understand the singles how i check in with chris to be sure we have no plans his family was always having gatherings at the time, they thought he was controlling me, lost more there basically half of the people who went to our wedding, then i get pregnant started to get $$stable bought a house and such. Had this baby shower then all these people are gonna be around and such, after my son was born i lost more friends i got so mentally sick, and they werent understanding i had to recover from c section, or having to deal with his naps time schedules routine as a baby thats important, and i have asked if they could come over instead, nope. So after 3 years of struggling in and out the hosptial 4x in 2 years mental reasons i havent been in over a year, i am doing SO much better, i left Facebook i text people, at the end i have a hand ful of friends i am a major social butterfly its easier to take john places now. Those people stuck by me at my worst and lots of hurt feelings and such, and i am grateful for them. Now i am trying to help them lift thier spirts 1 has bad depression, and other had anxiety


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