ONE LIFE !…….LET’S LIVE IT …………………

Don’t leave it to late, fill you life with joy, new challenges be busy regardless your age,as you know age is just a number…. do you have charm and warmth within everything you do, what secrets do you keep that get you moving towards your goals………….we can never have to many dreams and goals. We all have wonderful things to share, it can be a talent or just the way we are, to pass on to others, Anything that empowers you should be passed on to others and given your full support, even the fun things we do, to keep our inner child alive and well, to go out in the rain and enjoy it, why not, do you find it fun then do it ! Enjoying your home and your favourite place, feeling good with the people around you, you choose.

one life

Be in love with your life, every minute of it ! 

When you wake up one day and decide that you no longer wish to feel that way,a slow sinking feeling that you also never wish to feel  ever again …So you have to change, you will have many excuses for not being able to make that change, but at the end of the day, they are excuses, being able to change starts with , your decision to change….

one life 1

Not one of us are perfect, and no one has been deprived of feeling and experimenting pain. We have also, failed, no one missed that either…So, if we know these things do you not think we should be more understanding with ourselves and take it all more within our stride and keep a smile on our faces at all times possible… Live your life full of conviction that no matter what we have to face in our lives, we will stay happy for those who really love us, those who live for us and the ones who gave a life to us. 

one life 2


You are the only one who can make a decision, and you must make a decision, that you are going to move on, keep going in a positive direction, it is not something that will just happen, it is not automatic, you will have to put in the effort and rise to the challenge and prepare yourself mentally, that you don’t care how hard this is, how disappointed you may become, you must not allow this to get the better of you, you need to keep moving with your life, forward all the time, never look or go backwards. 

one life 4

Life is so precious, and we learn this as we go through life, with good and bad experiences along with pain and happiness, we need to live each day fully and reach out to others, however I have to say, if you know that someone does not want you to reach out, stop doing it, do not allow anyone to hurt or put you through sadness and pain anymore, you have to let go ! We have this one life, let’s enjoy it let’s live it to the full and don’t get so worked up about it.

one life 5

Negative people will bring us down, negative thoughts derail us. Get rid of both! Focus on positive, hang out with positive people and events, when you do this your life will become more energizing by the day.

You need to enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another………

one life 3

Brooke Universal LIfe Coach


About theutopiauniverse

It's time to payback all the good in our lives,to pass to each other everything we have learned,the knowledge we have stored within, and the love we have to share. I am a fully qualified Psychologist,Life Coach,Performance Consultant & LOA Practitioner. I have shared this blog with everyone since February 2013, I have been able to help many,but also been helped by many,this I am truly grateful for and thank everyone for your support and advice.Should you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so,my email is open to you all. I look forward to hearing from you.
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  1. Régine says:

    Un post genial ! Aprecio muchísimo!


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