Do you classify yourself as nervous, it is a question you should be asking yourself and something you should be answering truthfully for your own sake, you see, many people allow their nerves to rule and control their life, and this should not be allowed………….. it is purely a question of mind-set ! 

You may think that this statement is untrue, but I can assure you it is this way, when we learn the lesson of nothing gone can be changed, we are half way there……………..we can change how we react, and we can change how we want things to be, but we cannot change what has gone, the past is the past, and when we accept that, things can start to turn around for you.

nerves 1

When we place the same amount of energy into accepting that certain things and situations in our life cannot be changed, we start to look at things with a new perspective and our nervous system does not suffer as much as only focusing on the problem in itself. We are strong, all of us are strong, and we decide this, no one else, so why would you want to consider yourself weak ! We also all have problems through our life time, some bigger than others some more painful, problems can come in all shapes and sizes, and also some with more personal emotion than others, but what ever the situation or circumstances if they are out of your control, if you know no matter what you cannot change the result, it is important that you focus on how you are going to react, instead of the actual problem, how you react will give you the basic guide lines of your immediate future and emotional state to move forward. 

Some people suffer from age, when they start to realise that things are not as they were, and that certain things cannot be done in the same way or even speed or strength than before, you know, if we wish to have a long life, we have to grow older and we have to accept that, some people find this very hard, what a waste of time and energy, while you are feeling so sorry for yourselves, you are missing out on all the exciting things that your new age and stage of life has to offer, and there are many, each stage of our life has magical moments, but you have to make a little effort to keep in the living game……………….

nerves 2

Remember it is you, that turns on that light and you that lites up your fire ! the first thing you need to do is explore new avenues open to you, if life was the same all the time, we really would get bored, finding new hobbies and time to enjoy your life is very important and is your job to develop these areas, there really is so much on offer in this wonderful world we live in. 

Life goes on, no matter what happens in your interior  world, we lose members of our family, our family situations change our financial situation also changes, but, we cannot resolve this by worrying 24/7 so, the sooner we adjust to these new circumstance the better it is for our health and general well-being, even our relationships are better, who wants to share space with someone who only knows how to complain about life, than be in it and enjoy it, we can’t bring a loved one back, we can’t grow our finance where there is nothing to sow, we can’t stop a tornado, hurricane earthquake, but we can always keep moving forward in some way and another, and also when you have these down moments there are others in a far worse situation than ourselves, always,no matter what the size of your future is, (or think at the moment)always be grateful for everything we have. We all have something to be grateful for ❤

nerves 3


Brooke Universal Life Coach

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