so is life

Such is life, do we really know ? the answer is no, we have no idea what is installed for us, but we do have the choice of how we are going to react, if we can fix it into our mindset, that everything that happens good bad and indifferent is a learning curve………………we need to draw out of it, what we can learn, especially when life treats us badly or we go through a rough patch, I do not think anyone goes through life without touching one of these moments, it is not the moment to start thinking what did I do, to deserve this, we all ask this question, at that fatal moment in time, but, try to think, if this was not happening, we would never learn how to handle this particular type of problem or situation, and what am I going to take forward with me after this, what lesson have I learnt ? 

Know matter how hard or even cruel and painful you may feel your moment is, the universe has sent you this, because they have no doubt that you can cope and that you need this valuable lesson within your knowledge. Remember they say, nothing is put in your path that you cannot handle ! although you may be feeling very different about it, I know I personally have many times thought why, why me, what did I do to deserve this ? but this is not what we should be asking………….

such is life 2

The million dollar question, how about, what am I going to learn from this, it is something that will serve us in the future, whether it be a question of impulse, jealousy, betrayal trust, is it a question of the heart, are we just plain naive, although very strong and forward in many things, do we wear our heart upon our sleeve, for others to take advantage of, if it should be one of the things mentioned, we know where we need to work in the future, it does not mean that we will never trust, go forward or love again, we just need to do it in a slightly different way, we cannot change how we are made, but we can always choose how to react, if we have a great sense of fairness, it does not mean that others will be the same, for some of us, it is most important that things are fair, that justice prevails and that balance and harmony is with held in our life, but others will cast this of to the side, with no feelings for you or your emotions, never be surprised by what others can do, the human race is a strange thing, and sadly not all are good kind considerate people who are concerned for others, they may still have to go through experiences to realise what they need to learn the world does not revolve around any single person, we cannot only think of ourselves, it is necessary that we consider others and feel for them.And of course the sad reality of life is that some people will never learn and will continue to do as they please, with no consideration for others, good bad or indifferent………………………..



Brooke Universal Life Coach




4 Comments on “SUCH IS LIFE…………………………………….

  1. Great insight, compassionate & authentic.
    I’m reminded of a Native American saying…
    ‘There are billions of people in this world, but few human beings’.

    That observation should put us all onto a path of purpose, to change this, and when would NOW be a good time to start?

    Thank you for posting & caring.

    Liked by 1 person

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