Thought it was the right thing to do today, as I enjoy to put music on my blog at the week-end and after hearing that Sir Elton John is officially going into retirement, we should pay tribute to this great musician and song writer, He has been a cultural icon for many years,  his flamboyance is legendary and his fabulous costumes, he has certainly been a show man we will always remember. 

Thank you Sir Elton John for the wonderful years we have enjoyed and will enjoy your music……………


Brooke Universal Life Coach



10 Comments on “SIR ELTON JOHN …………………………..

  1. Muy buena idea!! ♥️
    Si, Gracias señor, que aprovecha de su retiro… Y nosotros tenemos recuerdos de un artista muy grande

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    • Yes, I saw him live here in Spain, a few years back, very much the professional showman you would expect, excellent the years don’t seem to pass for him as far as his performance level goes, He is still very much a Number one artist.


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