Are you a routine rat, in the nicest way of course, most of us are, and there is nothing wrong with routine as long as we don’t become bored it can give structure to our life, but we must not close ourselves of from change, change is an important part of life, some shy away from change and others seek it out all the time, with harmony and balance change is always a good thing, a change is simple forming a new habit, a new routine ……. when we look for a change in our life, you will never find that change until  we change something in our daily life, when we introduce a new habit. The secret to our success is found in our daily routine, if you believe you can change, if you can make it a habit the change becomes real.

change 1

Remember, motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going, but before you venture into change land, there are one or two things you should consider and have clear, you need to know your why, this is a very strong point and is the total purpose of your change, your why has to be a burning desire, passion want in your life, the why is what is going to keep you hungry for that change, so it cannot be unimportant to you. Choose wisely your change behaviour, can you cope with it, do you want this are you prepared to make the commitment, set a time limit on it and keep to it, make a plan on how you can follow your progress you need to know if you are going on the right track or not, do you need to let go of anything before you can make your change, and of course you need to actually do and make that change, evaluate yourself and your change and make adjustments if you feel you need to, and of course the final point would be to decide to stop or to continue, you always need to give any change/habit a period of time, it will not happen overnight for you, so be kind to yourself and your change and give it an opportunity to work for you .

change 2

Another secret to change is taking one step at a time, maybe to complete the change you need to do the whole staircase, but by taking your time and not making this change an obstacle, don’t make it hard for yourself ,  break it down into baby steps and time, dedicate 5 mins a day, that is not hard, and as time goes on you will see that you are giving it more and more time and your new habit has formed, you have made that change and you have been able to enjoy it and not dread the time or effort you needed to give it. Our lives are a work in progress, don’t rush take those tiny steps and enjoy the change unfolding in front of you.

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  1. I needed this. I am in the process of evaluating my why. I don’t feel it’s strong enough. My first why for being successful was to have freedom to travel and help my family. But now it seems bigger than that. This post was just what I needed


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