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This is a big Hello to everyone, how are you all after the big day, have you worked yourself to a frazzle, had  a fantastic time, maybe your face is still hurting from smiling to all your relatives you see once a year or you desperately need to sleep, OR maybe you are a little of everything !

Christmas day can be wonderful, a day full of love with family and friends, always far too much food and lots of forbidden chocs and sweets, we do tend to work hard for this one special day and just love to chill today, if possible. I hope where ever you are or whatever you did, you enjoyed yourselves and feel happy and loved.

boxing-day 2

As you chill today, you will be thinking of where to put all the wonderful presents you have received this holiday, it’s difficult at times to give them all a home, we spends weeks before Christmas preparing and organising our homes, to have to start all over again, particularly if there is young children in the house, where is everything going to live…….we could do with three or four more rooms !!

Now it is time to recharge the batteries and prepare to see in the New Year, is 2018 going to be your year ? I hope you have really enjoyed your Christmas and make the most of the final days on the countdown to New Years Eve…..<3

boxing day 3



Brooke Universal Life Coach


5 Comments on “BOXING DAY !!!

  1. Greetings! Wow!! Considering the popularity of your site… I cannot believe this… I’ve never, before, been the very first one to LIKE one of your blogs. Your readers / followers must be all partied out! I hope you fully enjoyed your Christmas, too! I wish you the happiest and healthiest New Year ever!


  2. Thanks Brooke. Here in America today is the day everyone goes racing back to the stores because the prices of everything is slashed….many people do their Christmas shopping for next year, today! Imagine that. I stay far away from all that craziness. Enjoy and Happy Boxing Day to you. 🙂

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