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Happy Friday everyone, here are a few more little tips to help you in the kitchen this Christmas, we just never know what can be useful at this busy time, Juicy Chicken, can easily be made by a peeled lemon and stock cube inside the chicken before placing it into the oven, gives a wonderful tender juicy taste. Do you know how to keep coliflour perfectly white, pop a glass of milk into the boiling water or a round of bread soaked in milk and wrapped in an appropriate fabric so that it will not fall apart, do not cover the pan while boiling. An easy way to peel large red peppers is to wrap them in a kitchen towel, fresh from the oven, within minutes you will see how easy the skin falls away. 

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vinegar mishap, how often do we make a fabulous salad and when dressing the salad, oops vinegar galore, an easy little trick here is a soft ball of bread, pop it into the salad and the excess vinegar will be absorbed by the bread ! When we find we have enough pasta to feed an army,but really dislike the way it sticks the following day, if you wrap the pasta in a clean kitchen towel and store in the fridge till the following day, place the pasta in a drainer over a pan of boiling water and you will see that the vapor brings the pasta back to its original flexible way. The little secret behind that earthy taste found in spinach, for future little Popeye’s pop in a spoon of sugar while preparing. And finally today, did you know that by frying lentils a little in oil before boiling them can avoid having to use the pressure cooker, and can save us very valuable time.



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