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We all wish to look great at Christmas, just that little more special for these wonderful holidays, although we may try every year not to eat too much over the festive time, we always do ! 

We are always thinking of ways to lose those extra pounds, before or after the holidays, are you fed up of giving up all your favourite foods and making sacrifice after sacrifice….and complicating your life with this and that. The best way is a little micro diet, just seven days before Christmas, this works whenever you need it and is great for the holiday time…..you just cut back on everything you eat, make your portion that little bit smaller, no picking in between meals, or fruit, you can do this for seven days…….your worth it, and so are the results…….. this is not a diet where you will instantly put back all the pounds you have lost… this type of diet is when you burn all your calories rapidly, it takes your reserve of sugar and glucose right out of your body, for your body to continue functioning correctly your energy has to come from another part of your body,……………………….. and the yo-yo effect begins. 

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We need to change our habits slightly, don’t make a big thing about, just slightly adjust, not a big gigantic change that you are going to resent, when we are surrounded by so much food it is difficult and we dont want to be adding to that, just stop for a second and try to value what you are about to do, do you really need sugar in your yogurt ? Do the vegetables need so much butter, keeping to good habits is what really keeps you from recuperating the pounds……..Are biggest enemy when we want to lose weight is the fact that we can’t “prohibited” that is why this micro diet is not stopping you from eating anything, it’s just a little less, so we should not have that urge for prohibited fruits ! One of the most important points with any weight control and in general is to drink water, if possible two liters a day, it sounds a lot, but it really makes the difference. Each kilo you lose is a kilo of fat less and not a kilo of muscle. Here are five little tips for us to be radiant at Christmas time…………..

Avoid any very sugared cereals for breakfast, muesli is an excellent choice that you can make yourself, mixing in fruit nuts and dried fruits.

Intelligent little snacks, when we are half way through the morning and would like something a little sweet, before we fall into the trap remember that chocolate is the same as five blocks of sugar, replace this temptation with a yogurt and a piece of fruit. 

If you had to much of a light lunch, enjoy an afternoon snack of a glass of water or tea with a small sandwich of brown bread with a slice of ham or light cheese or maybe toast/bread with fresh cheese low in fat or a sweeter version would be a kiwi or orange and light cheese a yogurt and three dried apricots.

Water – as mentioned try to drink 2 liters a day, just think that a liter of a normal refreshment is the same of 20 spoons as sugar, water is zero

And last but not least if you must have a dessert, try to make it home-made, this way you can reduce the sugar intake and still enjoy.

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