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Great Friday today, as we step into December and continue with our weekly tip post, today is regarding the kitchen as it is a room we may be giving great thought to as Christmas now quickly approaches…are you ready ?

When we make lovely cakes and puddings the last thing we want is for them to have holes in the mix that are really not very pretty to look at, to avoid this when preparing in the oven or baño marie, it is important to control the temperature it must not be to excessive and that the water does not boil over, this is what causes the holes when the mixture is setting.

How to take bitterness out of   an endive, don’t leave them in water as you may a lettuce, wash them under cold water and drain them well, you can also nip the end of the curly type of endive as this is where the bitterness can be found. 

kitchen tips 1

Do you know how to fry sardines, without smelling the whole house out ? If you pop a little lemon rind into the oil and a cracked garlic segment to prevent the oil from spitting. 

How to make perfect mountain peaks from egg whites, that are spongy and firm add a little pinch of salt or three drops of lemon when you are in the process of making them. 

A great tip for keeping rice perfect while waiting to serve it, the secret here is to sprinkle a little sugar on the rice and just before serving it spray lemon juice and mix well, this will take away the sweetness from the sugar, and your rice will be perfect.

kitchen tips 2

The perfect chip……no more stuck together chips, once you have peeled the potato, clean and drain them under the flow of cold water, then dry them carefully with kitchen roll or dry kitchen towel before frying. 

Do you ever find unwanted guests in your flour jar ? If so, the easy way to prevent this is to place a strip of chewing gum inside your jar with the flour……..(obviously unchewed)

Hope these few tips have been of help to you, have a great week-end !


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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