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Did you know that cramp in your legs can be due to a lack of potassium after intense exercise or by taking diuretics . An easy way to prevent this is to eat a banana or kiwi which are rich in potassium.

Do you know how to avoid cold sores around the mouth area due to simple  herpes virus, anything that reduces are defense system will add to the potential of this, whereas what strengthens our defenses will help them disappear. Therefore it is wise to use natural herbs, such as ginseng Echinacea and astragal, you can also buy from the chemist creams that are specially for this virus.

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To be able to absorb the  calcium that we take in , including   vitamin D which can be found in Blue fish, dairy products and eggs.

How to breathe better, when you have a problem with bronchitis or asma it is important to learn how to breath correctly and do the exercises necessary, take air in through the nose and let it out through the mouth slowly  little by little through a straw until it is not possible to let out anymore. Repeat this through the day. 

Protect your hands from the cold, our hands can suffer from the cold and wind, apart from protecting them with the use of gloves, we can apply a paste made up from olive oil and the pulp of a potato, apply the mixture and leave for a few mins, for an even better result place your gloves on at the same time. 

Eat without salt, If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should not be using salt with your food, it will naturally have enough. To add more flavour to our dishes we can use aromatic herbs and spices, pepper oregano mint azafran curry etc., 

Coughs, at times due to the lack of humidity we find ourselves with a dryness that provokes a cough. a little tip and trick to help this problem is to place half of a large onion on the night table or under your pillow. 

Burn more calories when walking, this is the easiest exercise there is, it’s cheap and comfortable. It is recommended to walk 30 mins a day (minima) To use more calorias it is advisable to step up the pace, where you cannot hold a conversation,but, you are not running either. remember to move your arms and maintain the balance . 

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Wishing you all well, and a great week end…………………………..<3



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