Do you have a bad temper, do you fly of the handle really quickly is your first reaction to a debate or proposition, or simply someone who does not share your opinion, aggression in temper form ! If this is the case you really do need to learn how to accept the opinion of others and explain your point of view without losing the plot as they say ……

bad temper 1

It is thought by some, that a bad temper can be something that is very kindly handed down to us through our grandparents or parents ! the same as people can have anxiety  sadness etc., passed down so can temper…At times it is difficult to deal with people of this nature and we tend to just avoid them as much as possible. If it is you that suffers from this, you may feel that your opinion is valued less, than that of others, as you will have difficulty expressing yourself in a calm matter.

This kind of behaviour can also be caused due to insecurity  or when you find it hard to take criticism or you are not taken into consideration , when we are sure of ourselves and are opinions we understand that we can make mistakes and that others have a right to their opinion and negative opinions you will accept in a natural way.

bad temper 2

There are a few tips that may help to control this situation, the first step is to recognise that you have a problem with your anger, and to start to understand why you would react in this way, has it been since you were a young child or is it due to when you are under stress think of how of how your parents are or were, are you just mirror imaging what you have seen. You have to start to be aware of when you start to lose your temper and the anger creeps in, and until you know how to handle it immediately the best move is to remove yourself from the conversation or situation until you feel confident enough to handle the problem at hand, step aside and count to ten…. 

Don’t forget that verbal violence can be very damaging and you should stop as soon as you can, you will be hurting a lot of people, you have to let people know that this kind of  reaction is not acceptable, and that it is not the way to have a good social or personal relationship, we all need to learn how to debate a subject.

bad temper 3

Top secret to this problem……………………think before you speak or act……………….always ❤

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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