Did you know that by limiting the use of your central heating system, you are allowing your body to know when the temperature is cold/colder and the body will automatically fight against flu and colds ! 

Younger people have a biological clock much stronger than older people, which is why they can go out all night but recuperate without problems !

rejuvenating memory 1

There are certain times of the day, that the body is more prepared to do certain activities than others, for example it will not memorize the same 10 at night as 10 in the morning.This is how we work out our basic internal rhythm . So what does this clock consist of, all humans have an internal clock which should be  well synchronized, this is the only way to make the most of the time , and consider  our biological  clock since life began and we were  present on this earth, so this theory has been around for a while, this internal clock keeps us mentally alert during the day and prepares us to rest during the night. However some people will be energetic and dynamic during the morning hours while other need time to go by to be activated ! And like all clocks they can be well or badly  regulated, so they can race ahead, delay the time, get stuck, most people adjust their internal clock naturally with the light of the day and the darkness of night. 

For us to be young, rejuvenated and have a good quality of life we need to be well synchronized, it is the only way we can make the most of our resting time and be fully prepared for our activity time, to obtain this, we must respect as much as possible are environment, temperature and light, because this helps us to adjust our clock, it is advisable never to go to sleep after midnight,the reason for this being it is at this time, that we start to produce more melatonin, the key to rejuvenation.

rejuvenating memory 2 

Everything has its moment, you will find your best times for your memory to work at a better percentage than others, to grow older with a good quality of life, it is very important to always have the maximum time to rest. It is thought that the best time to think, plan and make important decisions is around 10 in the morning. 16.00 hours is a good moment to study, it is a good moment to assimilate concepts and to memorize, therefore afternoons are always beneficial for this purpose. 

Did you also know that coffee is not bad for you, it has recently been said that in moderation coffee can be good for the memory, especially if taken  with sugar. Coffee alone, can make your attention better and give you a better reaction when a rapid mental answer is required.It helps you to make quick decisions and you will maintain your full attention better, this is what coffee can do for you and sugar on its own as the glucose is better for the brain, when coffee is combined with sugar you will find it is easier to retain information and to memorize it. 

rejuvenating memory 3

It is always good to enjoy  normal daylight at least 30 mins each day, this will help with the natural regulation of your biological clock. 



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  1. carlos says:

    ¡Excelentes consejos! Un abrazo.


  2. Dave says:

    Great blog post! I found it interesting that the research shows that taking sugar with coffee makes it even better for you, improving your ability to retain information.
    Did the research in the study recommend how many cups of coffee you should have per day?

    Dave 🙂


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