Well, as you know this is a new little section I recently introduced onto my blog, which by the response and comments/mail etc., I received you enjoyed and I hope you will again this week, I hope for those of you that wanted that little added support and to keep your ideas fresh, (as we forget, we think we won’t,but,we do) have started your little fashion book, it really can be a girls best friend (and guys of course) !! 

fashion friday 5

We ended our last post with the great versatile jeans, so I hope that as the weather is starting to change, you are incorporating the great look jeans can bring, now we all have parts that we like to cover more than others and give too much exposure to, but, to make the most of our figure we need to learn how to compensate by uncovering other parts, for example, if you cover your arms,because you feel they are a little flabby, lower your neck line and show a little shoulder, or if you go for a full length skirt because you are not keen on your knees think of a great slit down the front or side, which will show your legs as you move. 

Now as we move from one season to another, I strongly urge you to empty your wardrobe, and order it from the beginning again, place order in the garments, maybe some boxes for T-shirts, shelves for jumpers and maybe jeans, hangers for suits, jackets and blouses, get rid of anything that looks over used, and make a list of the basics you need to replace for the next season, a orderley wardrobe is a great way to start the new season and to know what you have !

As we move into colder weather, you may find that coats and jackets can be made of rather thick material, if you are a bigger lady, stay away from woolen jackets and feather down jackets, they will only add volume, go for a lighter jacket, but obviously do not get cold, buy a fabulous cachemir scarf and wrap up in style….. Learn by your great days,when something really suits you and people compliment you as you go through your day, remember what it is, the colour, the style, remember the details that this style has helped you and suited you and your personality, repeat the idea when ever possible. 

fashion friday 6

Don’t ever forget that to show of your body, does not mean for you to wear a second skin, anything to tight will only add kilos to your body where as a well fitted outfit will show a beautiful body shape with no hidden bumps where we don’t want them. The art of a good wardrobe and dresser is to re-invent your existing wardrobe, by maybe only adding a few small pieces, or accessories. Look for a different way to wear your clothes, maybe a suit with a blouse was good last season,but this season will look good with a t-shirt, or the blouse with jeans and the suit jacket… a thin belt over a sweater or scarf,can totally change the outfit, waist coats are also a good back up piece. You need to compensate the different volumes, if you choose to wear a large sweater, wear it with leggings, or a big swirly skirt with a fitted top, this way you are compensating the top and the bottom, a general good rule here, is to wear the bigger piece on the part you wish to hide the most. fashion friday 7

Colour can really save an outfit, bright bold colours have a wonderful effect, however don’t wear them in the parts you have a conflict with, if you feel you have large hips, don’t buy  pillar box red trousers, for example ! When was the last time you had a good look at yourself in the mirror, you really can be friends with a mirror you know, if you stand in front of the mirror in your underwear, you will be able to get to know the parts you like and dislike most……..this will enable you to be spot on, when you get dressed or are out shopping for those new items. 

friday fashion 8

I hope these little tips, can be of use to you, I hope you all have a great weekend, have a fabulous time !




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