Why do so many people feel unhappy with their image and are holding hidden agendas about themselves and how the world see’s them.

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They feel that the image they project is truly horrendous, it is difficult for them to look in the mirror and love themselves, they start to have weird thoughts about finding a partner or friends. They talk themselves into not really being interested in having a permanent relationship and not wanting a family. People around them try to convince them, that everyone has a soul mate, somewhere out there, sadly all this seems to do is just make them more frustrated and depressed. 

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The secret is to believe in yourself, it will be alright, take a look around,at what is going on, pay special attention, see for yourself that there are couples everywhere, which are made up of totally different people, all kinds, pretty,attractive, not so pretty but never horrendous, like you may be thinking, the perfect beauty,does not exist, we all have defects. If we only had relationships with people who are spectacular and perfect within their body , half the world would be suffering with depression. It is a very normal occurrence that normal people, which could be you and I, think of ourselves as ugly, as we always want to compare ourselves with others and always looking for another that is more attractive. If you do not value all the positive points you have, and you continue to qualify yourself as horrendous, you can be absolutely sure that you will have a negative attitude towards life and this in turn will bring out your lack of being attractive to the opposite sex, and you will just manage to send any possible loving partner away as far as possible, maybe it’s time to turn on your charm, you know it is there…………and No you are not horrendous ! We are all beautiful and have wonderful things to offer ❤

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