Are you one of these people who leaves your tax return till the last day, or you study for your exam the night before, sorry to tell you this, but, if you do the above you are a professional procrastinator………Let’s see if we can get you out of that habit………

tomorrow 1

This statement is not what you should hear most, with life being as quick as it is nowadays, don’t get left behind, remember a mobile phone can have us localised 24 hours a day. and it is considered bad education if you don’t reply to an email within the same day, a working environment today has no room for procrastination, also remember that when we stall to answer, act or move forward on something, it can be FEAR, yes, on many occasions, fear is what holds us back, unless of course you are totally lazy, that is another story, however when we start to look at the fear side of procrastination, you will be able to recognise the fear factor, we are unsure of ourselves, we do not have the confidence to get out there, or speak your opinion be it, in a written form or face to face, you know, when we have this reaction, we are in actual fact creating a bigger problem than the original moment, it is having a snowball effect, collecting more and more difficulties along the way, therefore, when we learn to face our fears and deal with the matter at hand it will always have a simpler answer and certainly not any bigger. 

tomorrow 2

This statement is also very true and is also a form of procrastination, how many of you, have left things under the excuse of it not being the right time, whether it be that the money is not available for what you want to do, the children are not big enough, can I take the risk, I would love to,but ?? We have all probably done this,but, they really are excuses, although you may not want to see it this way, take the situation and start to break it down into smaller units, one step at a time, it can be done and no excuse can stop you, unless that is what you want !!! People even start new business ventures, without finance, today there are many ways to get started,and slowly grow, working from home is very popular,so children can be worked around more easily, as they say,” where there is a will, there is a way” 

Never waste your time, when you do this, you are in fact wasting the value of your own life also. We far to often do not give the importance we should to this, as we leave so much to be done, at the last minute, procrastination can appear for many reasons, one of them being, we never give ourselves enough time to start and finish what we are doing, have you ever noticed people who always arrive late for a meeting, because they start to get ready to late, then don’t take into consideration traffic, another reason, as I have mentioned is fear, fear of failure…we doubt are own capacity to do certain things, we systematically leave things un done, Over confident, thinking we can do this in record time and in the end, it does not get done or done badly, and another great one, is not being able to say NO, we put so much on ourselves, that we don’t or can’t  fulfil are obligations…..

tomorrow 3

Here are some little tips that just might help you out a little………………

1…Realise for once and for all, we are not perfect………..we all make mistakes and will continue to do so in the future, The major thing here is to learn from where we went wrong and try not to do it again. 

2…Change your everyday language, become an addict of saying, “I will” instead of “I won’t” it’s good, give it a try.

3…Give yourself more attention… Don’t only worry about leaving things for tomorrow, look at when it happens, with who, where do you get stuck, over what and over who. If you start to respond to these questions , each time you will have more control over what is happening.

4…Take a breath of fresh air…..Don’t substitute the fear of being judged for suffering from having one hand on top of the other, at times a little rest (siesta) is the most effective thing you can do. Then get back to what you were doing. 

tomorrow 4


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  1. Very inspiring. Do it now! So beautifully presented.

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