Intelligent and full of life, this is the new woman of this age and more ! They are younger than ever, they know what they want and how to go about getting it……The great advantage they hold now is, they care and back themselves so strongly, if you have not reached this age yet, take note, this is how to get there being fabulous, strong and knowing who you are !

New 50's 1

A recent survey gives fantastic figures on the more mature lady, it is said that 96% feel loved and are active, 91% declare they are happy, and most women feel, with no false modesty that they have arrived at 50 much better than they had imagined. You may have noticed that many more mature ladies are very much searched for by the big cosmetic companies, there must be a reason for this, they look so great ! 

Social culture has helped greatly with this, basically taking 10 years away from each big milestone, it is becoming more and more popular for women to have children in their 30’s, at 50 you have young people around you, this helps to activate your mental  and biological clock, other factors which are included here due to financial and working conditions , many women are helping with grandchildren and holidays etc., they enjoy this and do not see it as a burden, they enjoy to play and be with their grandchildren, this is just a small part of it, women today have so much information on how to care for themselves and this in turn gives and leaves them with an incredible energy and vitality levels. The woman of today, has a far more balanced life than before, in every aspect. Just maybe think of you and your grandma……

new 50's 2

We have acquired many new habits, but, holding a positive attitude  towards everyday life, is and will be a big plus, it is important and now possible for us to obtain what we are seeking, nobody tells you what to do and how far you can go, you make those decisions for yourself, many of you can find help from further education or a personal coach to help you on your journey. Many women today have a second opportunity, when the children leave the nest and your life becomes yours and only yours again, many of your obligations as a Mother have completed their circle and you can now, once again be that woman, the woman you admire and who is strong enough to go for her goals and obtain them. As an older woman, you can feel more serene and good  within yourself and enjoy this second stage of life. 

new 50's 5

Also, don’t forget it is never to late for love, years ago after 40, your love life was over, I really don’t think it works like that today, people find companions from all walks of life and from all over the world, there is no age limit on love, to find your perfect companion is not out of the question, but don’t forget this also depends on you, if you do not make the an effort to meet people, you need to get out and about, to socialize, don’t let fear keep you indoors, there is a wonderful world out there and you need to be part of it………………

new 50's

This really is a wonderful thought, so I am wishing you a happy day and many more to come  ❤



Brooke Universal Coach



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2 Comments on “THE NEW 50’S etc.,…………………………..

  1. 50 is old… and I am smack down in the middle of it… everything is downhill from here… no matter how u look at it. The upside is I feel mature and wiser… but I would rather be younger and flirty any given day


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