S.O.S. BABY STRESS……………………………..

When they first arrive into this world and full of stress, this is a normal situation, however if this goes on in time it can cause a in balance in their immune system. The best therapy is a tranquil home and the love of good parents. 

stressed babies 1

The cry of a child is the only way they have to manifest their state of anxiety….. when we view a new-born child sleeping happily in their cot, it is difficult to imagine that they can support the high level of stress like an adult, however, the style of life we live today, shows that babies can suffer the same problems with much more possibilities than 15 years ago, this has been proven in a national university. 

So, what is the cause, stress can be produced before the child is born, the hormones which are activated when in a state of anxiety will pass from the mother of the child through the placenta and in the birth itself, but most stress is passed on, once the baby has been born and it is emerged in a situation of danger and threatening that can cause colic, which can be due to not enough care given, or too much noise in or around their sleeping zone, or even to away from everything making it  dark and very alone. A new-born can also stress on not receiving enough food, whether it be insufficient or not good enough they can also sense bad vibes within the family, a lack of affection and discussions between the parents.

stressed babies 2

This is how they manifest, usually a child will cry, it will cry when stressed, although it can be that  they can sleep badly, lose their appetite or be hungry to often. If this state of anxiety lasts to long and is prolonged it will eventually affect their immune system . It has also recently been proven that stress in new-born and very young babies can affect the emotional and social growth of the child, provoking a problem with low self-esteem and the capacity of truly feeling empathy with others. 

How to prevent this…. to be able to nip this in the bud from the start the best is to try to let the baby know they are well cared,loved and attended and wanted within the family unit, and that this unit is balanced and tranquil.

stressed babies 3


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  1. Ivana says:

    Great advice. A baby needs love and care!

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