This is something new I have wanted to add to my blog for quite a while, fashion is so important, style is essential and elegance we are born with ……. From now until Christmas, which is not all that far away every Friday, I will do this little section, hopefully helping you out with little tips regarding are appearance and how we can present ourselves, remember you are your presentation card, you are that business card, and the impression you give, will stay with that person for a long time. 

The first thing you need to do, if you are not clear on your style, is to put a little book together, just for you with your likes and dislikes, you may see something in a magazine that takes your eye, this does not mean it will be great for it, it may not be at all, so remember you need to adapt certain styles and fashions  to suit you, your life and your body type….. you may already have some pieces which will be great in the new look you have found.

Fashion friday tips 1

This is one of the most important points, if not the important point, if you do not feel good inside, with yourself, you can drip yourself in gold, but you will not shine, you will not be able to project who you are and how you want to be seen. Don’t ever fall into being a fashion victim, have enough style sense of your own than  to follow a tendency that is not you, and would never look good on you, no matter what you do….always be true to yourself if you feel good and comfortable it will show in your complete appearance. Be careful when choosing different fabrics, anything very rigid or shiny will make you look bigger, the ideal fabric is a mate which has body but a natural fall to the material.Always say yes to heels, whenever possible, I don’t wear them as much as I use to anymore, but do like to wear them for that something special and if the outfit requires a heel, high heels can give an entirely different shape to your body, it is a wonderful way to look taller and thinner . This year we are lucky as the chunky heel, platforms and wedges are still in the top fashion range, and they are so comfortable compared with the stiletto . If you are short, go for clothes that are not over fancy and filled with different things to catch the eye, avoid large lapels and collars, or big pockets they occupy a lot of the front surface area and can bring a  total unbalance to your figure.

fashion friday tips 2This statement is so true, fashions come and go, but style, true style lasts for ever, we should always have, what I call a few classic pieces, that can be shown year after year, a little jewellery, a scarf, jacket,  cross over bag, that accessory of your choice will change it every time. Always feel good in your clothes, they will transmit your security and of course your style. When we choose the colours we wear, remember that dark colours will absorb the light, therefore will hide the tiny imperfections we may have, lighter colours will show them , they reflect the light so always choose the colours well for the parts of your body you wish the attention to go to, more or less. Agreat way to compensate our figure, is with layers, of different lengths , to shorten the body, make sure that the last article stops at your waist line, if you wish to make it longer, let the final piece fall to your knee and just below, go for light materials if you go for this look make sure the first layer is body fitting. 

fashion friday tips 3

Always have those black trousers in your wardrobe, no one can be without these,it is part of the basic must haves, they will get you out of so many panic moments, just the right kind for your body type, again this season is full of options, with the full trouser back in fashion, the skinny touch also, so go for it and always have a black pair of trousers in good condition in your wardrobe ready. And finally for today, never forget your jeans,denim  is not just an informal weekend fashion, jeans are a great way to take the formal and serious look out of a classic outfit, they look great with a tweed jacket or totally over the top with a jacket of sequences for that special night out, you can buy jeans today that lift the “bottom” and flatten the tummy , short,belled,flared they are all out there so I am sure you will find a perfect pair for you, you are going to look great. 

fashion friday tips 4

I hope you have enjoyed this new little section, I look forward to next Friday, with my tips that I hope will be of use to you. Clothes can be so much fun, they show the world who we are, so go and have a great weekend and let everyone know, who you are !!



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