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When you think of your life and its quality, do you associate it with wealth, status and health, well I hate to be the one to bring bad news,but, it really has everything to do with you personally not a material you, it’s all to do  with your commitment to life, the quality of the service you give to yourself and others, how are you on the devotion side of the scale ? these are the true things that count in life. 

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Happy, now there is a word, are you happy, really happy ? Happiness is a major player in our quality of life, whats more happiness is contagious, when you are happy you will attract other people you are happy and you will spread happiness to all those around you, the people who share your day in some shape or form, it can be the person you buy your newspaper from or who serves you that welcoming coffee, your children, your partner be happy it is another day, and that in itself is a reason to be happy.

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I am sure you agree with the above quote, so I have to ask you, why do you worry so, it cannot be changed what has gone has gone, no matter what it is or was, with all your heart, nothing will change what has passed, and do you have a guarantee that tomorrow you will be here to change what you wish or have the intention  to do, what ever it may be therefore it is so important that we live for today, do it today, make that change, make that statement,  make that decision……..what ever it is seize the moment and act !! 

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If you are a follower of my blog, you will be aware that I constantly remind you that thoughts become things, therefore it is so important that we live our life with no regrets, nothing can be worse than to wake in the morning and instantly begin your thoughts with regrets, when we love what and who we have around us, it will be returned and felt in such a lovely way, love attracts love, and you will be treated how you wish to be treated, don’t waste your time and energy on past thoughts understand that everything happens for a reason, if we do not think it at the time, you just have to find that reason and this is important, because failing to do this will create Karma to bring again this situation into your life until you learn the lesson and the reasoning… although at times it may seem a very bad thing, there will be that point of positivity, maybe you will  not see it instantly but you will long-term, this we must always be grateful for, as it will turn to our benefit. You must also open up to opportunity and changes which appear in your life, if it changes your life, take it, never let it escape you, nobody has ever stated that life is easy, but when we truly concentrate on the important points, it certainly is worth it. 




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  1. Ketaki Bhave says:

    Great words..Very Right!!😍

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